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Christian Twigg-Flesner

Professor of Commercial Law
Exchange Student Co-ordinator

Tel: +44 (0) 1482 46 5746
Office: 429 Wilberforce
Qualifications LLB, PCHE, PhD (Sheffield)


Christian Twigg-Flesner became Professor of Commercial Law in 2010, having previously been a Lecturer (2004), Senior Lecturer (2005) and Reader (2008) here at Hull. Before joining Hull, he worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Sheffield, and then as lecturer at Nottingham Trent University (1999-2002) and the University of Sheffield (2002-4). He read law at the University of Sheffield, where he also studied for a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (2000) and his PhD. (2002). He was Head of the Law School from 2012-14.

Professional Activities

  • Editor (Law) of the Journal of Consumer Policy
  • Senior International Fellow, University of Bayreuth, Germany (2016-2018)
  • Academic Fellow, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple (2011-2014) and Associate Academic Fellow (since 2014)
  • Member of the Acquis group working on compiling the principles of existing EC private law
  • Member of the SECOLA Advisory Board (a platform for discussing EC contract law)
  • Member of "task force" for Ius Commune casebook on Consumer Law
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member, Nottingham Law Journal
  • Consultancy work for Government departments, Parliament and the Law Commission, including membership of the Consumer Law Strategic Review Academic Advisory Group of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (now Department of Business, Innovation and Skills)
  • Consultancy work for leading businesses, Trading Standards departments, and national media on consumer law matters
  • Lehrbeauftragter (visiting professor) in European Private Law, Universities of Bielefeld (2006-7), Münster (2006-7) and Osnabrück (FVS-Toepfer funded Eurolecture Visiting Professor, 2008) (all in Germany)

Selected Publications

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) author page


Edited books

Chapters in edited collections

  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Disruptive Technology - Disrupted Law? How the Digital Revolution affects (Contract) Law in’ in De Franceschi A (ed), European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market (Intersentia 2016)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Does the codification of consumer law improve the ability of consumers to enforce their rights? – A UK-perspective’ in Heiderhoff B and Schulze R (eds), Verbraucherrecht und Verbraucherverhalten (Nomos 2016)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Conformity of 3d Prints - can current Sales Law cope?’ in Schulze R and Staudenmeyer D (eds), Digital Revolution – Challenges for Contract Law (Nomos/Hart 2015) [Final author version on SSRN
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Some thoughts on Consumer Law Reform – Consolidation, Codification, or a Restatement?’ in Gullifer L and Vogenauer S (eds), English and European Perspectives on Contract and Commercial Law – Essays in Honour of Hugh Beale (Hart 2014) 67
  • Twigg-Flesner C and Steensgard K, ‘Pre-contractual Duties, Oxford University Press, 2013) ’ in Vogenauer S and Dannemann G (eds), The Common European Sales Law in Context (Oxford University Press 2013) 216
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Remedies for Faulty Goods – The Impossibility of Balancing the Interests of Consumers, Traders and Coherence of the Law’ in Buttigieg E (ed), Rights and Remedies for the Consumer in the European Union (University of Malta 2012)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Comment: the future of EU consumer law – the end of harmonisation?’ in Devenney J and Kenny M (eds), European Consumer Protection - Theory and Practice (Cambridge University Press 2012) 6

Articles in refereed journals

  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘The Consumer Rights Directive, Consumer Sales and English Law: The Fear of Coherence?’ [2015] Le nuove leggi civili commentate 1185
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘CESL, Cross-border transactions and domestic law – why a dual approach could work (although CESL might not)’ (2015) 23 European Review of Private Law 231
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Dealing with Informational Asymmetries under the proposed CESL and CISG’ (2012) 11 Journal of International Trade Law and Policy 281
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘The (Non-)Impact of Harmonizing Measures on English Legal Terminology’ (2012) 20 European Review of Private Law 1369
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Debate on a European Code of Contracts’ [2012] Contratto e impressa/Europa 157

Conference Papers

  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Designing European Consumer Contract Rules – The Mistakes of Past Attempts and Suggestions for the Future’ (Uniform Rules for European Contract Law – A critical assessment, IE University Segovia, 23-24 June 2016)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘The (legal) role of the consumer in the share economy’ Interdisciplinary workshop on the sharing economy, University of Bayreuth, 2 June 2016)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘General principles of Chinese Contract Law from a Common Law perspective’ (Perspectives on Chinese Contract Law, City University Hong Kong, 15/16 April 2016)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Conformity with the Contract and Burden of Proof’ (Rules for Contracts in the Digital Single Market - What's in it for Consumers and Businesses in Europe?, European Law Institute, Vienna, 21/22 January 2016 )
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘The Consumer Rights Act 2015 - the first step towards consolidation and simplification, but it must not be the last’ (Research Symposium: The Consumer Rights Act 2015 – Reinforcing European Consumer Rights?, University of Exeter, 18 December 2015)
  • Twigg-Flesner C, ‘Conformity of 3D prints – Can current Sales Law cope?’ (Digital Revolution: Challenges for Contract Law in Practice, Münster, October 1-2 2015)
  • Twigg-Flesner C,, ‘Modernising Sales Law – Some Lessons from the UK’s Consumer Rights Act 2015’ (Consumer Sales Law Conference, Hong Kong, 14 October 2015)


Christian has research interests and expertise in several areas of Commercial Law (Sale of Goods, Consumer Contract Law (domestic and European), the Digital Revolution and Contract Law and the Europeanisation of Contract Law) as well as the concept of "harmonisation", both in the context of European Consumer & Contract Law and Transnational Commercial Law.

He has published widely on European Consumer and Contract Law, and was a member of the pan-European Acquis Group (both the Redaction Committee and rapporteur for the drafts on pre-contractual information duties). He has also written extensively on consumer sales law and consumer guarantees.

His current work focuses particularly on how contract and consumer law are affected by the rapid spread of digital technology, as well as the challenges associated with the harmonisation of areas of private law

PhD Supervision

Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner would be interested in supervising research students on topics broadly linked to the development and modernisation of domestic and EU consumer law, the harmonisation/transnationalisation of contract, commercial and consumer law, and domestic and international sales law.

He is currently supervising students working on electronic contracting in Sharia Law; consumer protection aspects of the regulation of Halal foods; and the regulation of unfair terms in EU consumer Law and the proposed Common European Sales Law.



  • Principles of Commercial Law
  • Transnational Commercial Law
  • Law of Contract


  • Transnational Commercial Law
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