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Making International Custom More Tangible

morning tracks 

2 -3 July 2015, Law School, University of Hull

Conference Details

The two-day conference will feature a keynote speech from Sir Michael Wood, Special Rapporteur of the UN International Law Commission. The Final Programme (updated 4th June)  is now available online, and is likely to be updated again before July. Those wishing to attend the conference can register online. Speakers and attendees can pay the £20 conference fee when they arrive at the University of Hull for the conference.

Conference Themes

  • What role can and should custom play in the making of international law?
  • The normative foundations of custom (i.e. what makes custom law)
  • Evidential requirements for customary international law (e.g. constituent elements, context, and burden of proof)
  • The role of national and international courts in the creation of customary rules
  • The role of non-State actors in the development of customary international law
  • Regional variations in the process/content of customary international law
  • Variations in the ‘method’ of customary international law in different fields/regimes of international law
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to custom


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