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Dr Rhuks Ako


Rhuks Ako


Tel: +44 (0) 1482 46 5244
Office: 413 Wilberforce
Qualifications LLB BL LLM MPHIL (Nigeria), PhD (Kent)


Rhuks Temitope Ako qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1999. He obtained his PhD from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and was a 2010 Volkswagen ‘Our Common Future’ Fellow. 

Selected Publications


Edited Books

Book Chapters

  • Ako RT, ‘Environmental Justice in Nigeria’s Oil Industry: Recognizing and Embracing Contemporary Legal Developments’ in Percival RV, Lin J and Piermattei W (eds), Global Environmental Law at a Crossroads (Edward Elgar 2014) 160
  • Ako RT and Oluduro O, ‘Bureaucratic Rhetoric of Climate Change in Nigeria: International Aspiration versus Local Realities’ in Maes F and others (eds), Biodiversity And Climate Change: Linkages at International, National and Local Levels (Edward Elgar 2013) 3
  • Ako RT, ‘Enforcing Environmental Rights under Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution: The Localisation of Human Rights in the Niger Delta Region’ in de Feyter K and others (eds), The Local Relevance of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press 2011) 270
  • Ako RT, ‘Resource Exploitation and Environmental Justice in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Experience’ in Botchway F (ed), Natural Resource Investment and Africa's Development (Edward Elgar 2011) 72
  • Ako RT, ‘The Responsibility to Prevent Conflicts under R2P: the Nigeria-Bakassi Situation’ in Thakur R, Popovski V and Kemp W (eds), Blood and Borders: The Responsibility to Protect and the Problem of the Kin State (United Nations University 2011) 208
  • Ako RT, ‘The Struggle for Resource Control and Violence in the Niger Delta’ in Obi C and Aas Rustard S (eds), Oil and Insurgency in the Niger Delta: Managing the Complex Politics of Petroviolence (Zed Books 2011) 42
  • Ako RT and Uddin N, ‘Governance and Resource Management’ in Botchway F (ed), Natural Resource Investment and Africa’s Development (Edward Elgar 2011) 21

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Ako RT and Omiunu O, ‘Amnesty in the Niger Delta: Vertical Movement Towards Self-Determination or Lateral Policy Shift?’ (2013) 1 The Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy 86
  • Ako RT, ‘Re-Defining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Nigeria’s Post-Amnesty Oil’ (2012) 3 African Journal of Economic and Management Studies (Special Issue on CSR in Africa) 9
  • Adedeji A, Ako RT and Ogunleye T, ‘Towards the Sustainable Environmental Management of Nigeria’s Coastal Region’ (2011) 1 NIALS Journal of Environmental Law 296
  • Ako RT and Oyelade O, ‘The Role of National Legislation in Improving Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria’ (2010) 36 Indian Socio-Legal Journal 67
  • Ako RT, ‘The Judicial Recognition and Enforcement of the Right to Environment: Differing Perspectives from Nigeria and India’ (2010) 3 NUJS Law Review 423
  • Ako RT, ‘Substantive Injustice: Oil-Related Regulations and Environmental Injustice in Nigeria’ [2010] IUCN Rights Based Approach to Conservation Publications
  • Ako RT, ‘Nigeria's Land Use Act: An Anti-Thesis to Environmental Justice’ (2009) 53 Journal of African Law 289
  • Ako RT, Obokoh L and Okonmah P, ‘Forging peaceful relationships between Oil-Companies and Host-Communities in Nigeria's Delta region: A stakeholder's perspective to corporate social responsibility’ (2009) 3 Journal of Enterprising Communities 205



Dr Ako's research interests include environmental justice, minority rights, environmental human rights and public participation law, usually in relation to, but not exclusively to, Nigeria’s oil industry. He has published widely in these areas.

PhD Supervision

Dr Ako would be interested in supervising research students on topics in:

  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental human rights
  • Natural resources (management, conflicts, host community/ minority rights issues)
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Africa

He has supervised students working on :

  • Corporate Governance Deficit: The Implication of the Nigerian Banking Sector
  • Enhancing Public Private Partnerships in Nigeria through Proper Risk Allocation
  • The Roles of Non State Actors in the Regulation of Multinational Companies in Nigeria



  • African Union Law
  • Contract Law
  • Environmental Law and Regulation


  • African Union Law 
  • Environmental Justice 
  • Environmental Law and Regulation
  • International Environmental Law 
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