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At Hull, where philosophy has been taught since 1927, we aim not just to teach philosophy as a body of knowledge, but to engage students in doing philosophy, to encourage them to evaluate the ideas of others and form their own understanding of the relation between themselves and the world.

The approach to philosophy at Hull is an open one. We engage with and teach courses in both Analytic Anglo-American philosophy and, what is often termed, Continental philosophy. We see them not as separate spheres but as traditions which benefit from being placed in conversation with each other. You can study Plato, Kant, Neitzsche, Russell and Wittgenstein. We also specialise in ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of mind and gender.

Through the close contact possible in a smallish department, staff and students get to know each other very well and we have been especially commended for the support which we provide to students from all kinds of backgrounds. Students are actively involved in decision making. (See excellence and what our students think).

All our staff are active researchers which ensures that the teaching is up to to date and well informed.

We hope you finish the course as articulate, thoughtful and perceptive human beings who take nothing for granted (and get a nice well paid job as most of our graduates do!).

Any questions? For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

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