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Undergraduate Studies

Philosophy may be studied on its own as a Single Honours degree or in a variety of combinations: as part of a Joint Honours, an Interdisciplinary Honours, and there is also a Foundation Year option. The programmes normally extend over three years. Students take six modules per year, each module being worth 20 credits. Each year you should therefore accumulate 120 credits in order to progress. Every programme offers the possibility of gaining a Certificate after the satisfactory completion of one year's study (120 credits), or a Diploma after two years (240 credits). It is also possible to study any of our programmes on a part-time basis (see below).

Philosophy appeals to people with a wide range of interests and aptitudes, with backgrounds in the sciences or the arts. To help you decide if philosophy is the right choice of subject for you, we list some of the key features of studying the subject, some of the personal qualities we look for in our students and how you might demonstrate these in your application on the page 'is Philosophy the right subject for me?'

Programme structure and course information

For more details on the programme structures and modules, please click on the programme titles. More detailed information may also be accessed directly via the University's course information site.

Single Honours

In the first year, five of six modules are core Philosophy modules, giving you a solid grounding in the subject discipline. For the sixth, you may choose among a number of other modules to make up the credit balance. In each year you may, if you wish, take up to 20 credits outside Philosophy.

Joint Honours

Philosophy may be taken in the following combinations. In terms of annual credits, these are 60/60 combinations (in each year students take 60 credits in each subject). The modules studied are precisely the same as those for Single Honours students, but as a Joint student you take only half of them.

The following programmes are 3 years in duration:

Interdisciplinary Honours

This degree enables you to take a wider range of related courses while specialising in one of them. In the first year the credit combination is 40/40/40, after which you may vary it to suit your interests.

English Language options

For further information on options for learning or improving your English language, visit the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures.

International students (language requirements)

If your first language is not English, you will be required to provide acceptable evidence of your English language proficiency. Learn more.

Part-time courses

We also offer part-time Certificates, Diplomas or Degrees after the satisfactory completion of two, four and six years' study respectively on any of the above programmes. Enquiries about part-time programmes can be made to the school.

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