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Undergraduate Study: Religion


Studying Religion at Hull provides you with the distinctive opportunity to critically explore religion as major driving force in the political, social and cultural arena. Teaching and learning is focused on skills development, employability and your growth as student-scholar. The study of religion has a long tradition at Hull and has been taught at the University for over 50 years.

The study of religion here at Hull has a distinctive interest in and focus on the relationship between religion and social change. Religious traditions and beliefs contribute to the organisation of societies, but are often understood to support existing power structures. Yet processes of religious and social renewal and transformation often emerge from within religious contexts and in relation to the broader social environment. Religion is a key factor in many social, cultural, political, economic and media discourses. How people understand 'religion', or, indeed, construct 'religion' often depends on context and their socio-political or economic agenda.

Studying religion at Hull gives you the opportunity to critically reflect on the fundamental category of ‘religion’ in a variety of ways. You will explore how different people practice religion in a range of socio- cultural contexts. You will also critically question how political, cultural, religious or economic actors understand and construct the concept of ‘religion’ depending on context, geographical region, or agenda. This focus allows you to develop your understanding of the different forms in which religion manifests itself, and the ways in which it transgresses into or blurs with other social, political, and cultural areas.

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