Social Sciences
School of Education & Social Sciences

Undergraduate Study: Sociology


Sociology at Hull applies a range of approaches to the study of society as it is lived and experienced, in its complexity and cultural diversity. Social identities, power, the body, mass media, globalisation and social change are among the key features and issues of contemporary society that are studied in this way. Rather than accepting these features as natural or given, the comparative approach enquires into the social and cultural processes behind them and attempts to understand how different cultures and social identities understand themselves and others.

This general mode of social enquiry draws together a range of strengths in the School, including expertise in the sociological tradition, social theories of modernity and postmodernity, research methods, comparative historical and cross-cultural studies and ethnographic approaches. This means that the scope of sociology at Hull is genuinely global and contemporary, engaging with the ‘cultural turn’ in recent sociology and the mediatisation of social life today, along with conventional sociological concerns such as social divisions of class, age, gender, ethnicity and inequality. We have particular expertise in the sociology of organised violence; the body, gender and culture; social theory; political sociology; mass media; popular culture and religion; and qualitative research methods.

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