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Research by social scientists at Hull aims to have a positive impact on the life conditions and experiences of individuals and communities, at a local, national and global level.

To help achieve this, we encourage and develop innovative yet pragmatic approaches to research. This means actively encouraging involvement from both academic and non-academic users to ensure that the main beneficiaries of our research are not only key policy makers and public sector professionals, but are also users of health and social care services, and those working in voluntary and community organisations.

Our research fits broadly within five key themes: Criminology and Criminal Justice; Gender and Sexualities; Globalisation, Power and Post-Colonialism; Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion; and Culture, Religion and Society. These themes are also reflected in the work carried out at our cross-faculty research centres.


Criminology and Criminal Justice

Building on Hull’s strengths in criminal and penal justice while examining newer directions in criminology such as surveillance and ICT

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Gender and Sexualities

Bringing together an intellectually diverse body of work theorising concepts such as gender, patriarchy, masculinity and sexual identity

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Globalization, Power and Post-Colonialism

Examining global processes, ideologies and systems of power, while addressing issues of citizenship and social change

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Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

Evaluating theories of health, well-being, social work and social care provision and their application to professional practice

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Culture, Religion and Society

Drawing together studies of contemporary cultural practices, their relationships and social impacts

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Research Centres

Playing a leading role in a number of the University's interdisciplinary research centres, institutes and networks

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