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Foundation Year Social Sciences

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The Foundation Year in Social Science provides you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to progress successfully to Level 4 in your chosen social science discipline.  It includes modules to develop generic academic skills, and the three specialist social science modules: Society and You, Introduction to Social Sciences, Making Society Work.

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  • Society and You
  • Introduction to Social Sciences
  • Making Society Work

Society and You

The first of these specialist modules is Society and You, which you take in the first semester. This module enables you to explore and examine social science issues using problem based learning. You are required to make decisions and judgements about topics you analyse, thereby gaining experience in applying a range of social science concepts to different social science issues. You are encouraged to conceptualise social issues in the manner of the discipline to which you intend to progress at Level 4. The student-centred learning method means that you learn through your experience of problem solving.

Introduction to Social Sciences

Society and You is complemented in the second semester by Introduction to Social Science. Because there is a range of different social science disciplines, it is important that students intending to progress in one of them understands the relationship this one has to the others. Introduction to Social Science enables you  to identify the different social disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, criminology, gender studies, and religious studies. The module focuses on the topic of self-identity. It examines how the study of the self appears in the range of social science perspectives.  The module is assessed by essay, and by a presentation in which students are encouraged to explore their preferred presentational approach.

Making Society Work

Also in the second semester, you take Making Society Work. This module focuses on the development of personal reflection skills and transferrable, practical skills. Both these skills sets are essential to your progress in social science disciplines.  The module is focused on social media and social networking, exploring the role these play in academic performance.  Students explore their experiences of social networks, social capital, community norms, and associational activities. You learn how to analyse the effects of these networks, norms, and organisations on social welfare, political life, and economic performance. The assessment strategy is key to this module. It involves peer review, personal reflection, an ethnographical study, and an essay.

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