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Professor Majid Yar



Majid Yar

Professor of Sociology

Department of Social Sciences

Room 245, Wilberforce Building

University of Hull

Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX

Tel: +44 (0) 1482 462108



I studied at the University of York, UK, where I obtained a BA in Sociology and an MA in the Sociology of Contemporary Culture. I went on to complete a PhD at Lancaster University, in the area of critical social theory. I was employed at Lancaster, first as a Research Associate, and then as Lecturer in Criminology. I subsequently researched and taught at the Universities of Kent and Keele. I joined Hull as Professor of Sociology in September of 2008.


My research interests and activities span disciplines, with published work in the areas of crime and deviance studies, social and political theory, popular culture and new media.

My current on-going work is oriented around:

  1. The Internet and new media, focusing on issues of crime, deviance, and regulation.
  2. Popular culture, including the cultural construction criminality and marginality.
  3. Crime and sport, with a focus on ‘doping’.
  4. Criminological, social and cultural theory.

I am currently researching and writing on topics including new social media and representations of crime and justice in popular culture.


External Activities and Memberships

I serve on the editorial boards of The British Journal of Criminology, Crime Media Culture: An International Journal, International Journal of Cyber Criminology, The Internet Journal of Criminology, and Res Publica: A Journal of Moral Legal and Social Philosophy

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 2009, I was made an Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales Newport, my hometown university in South Wales.

I have acted as an external examiner for programmes at Birkbeck, University of London (BSc Social Sciences), University of Chester (BA Criminology; MA Criminology and Criminal Justice) and Durham University (BA Combined Social Sciences), as well acting as an examiner for PhD submission in the UK and internationally.

Research Supervision

I’m happy to hear from potential students interested in undertaking postgraduate research in any of my areas of interest. I’m particularly keen to supervise topics related to the Internet and new media, popular culture, criminological theory, cultural criminology, and critical theory.

Selected Publications


The Cultural Imaginary of the Internet: Virtual Utopias and Dystopias (Palgrave, 2014)

Crime, Deviance and Doping: Fallen Sports Stars, Autobiography and the Management of Stigma  (Palgrave, 2014)

Cybercrime and Society,2nd edition (Sage, 2013)

The Politics of Misrecognition (co-edited with Simon Thompson) (Ashgate, 2011)

Community & Recognition: Ethics, Inter-Subjectivity and the Foundations of Political Life (VDM Verlag: 2009)

The Handbook on Internet Crime (co-edited with Yvonne Jewkes) (Willan, 2009)

Criminology: The Key Concepts (co-authored with Martin O'Brien) (Routledge, 2008)

Cybercrime and Society (Sage, 2006)


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Yar, M. (2015) ‘Crime and the Imaginary of Disaster: Social Breakdown and Disorder in the Post-Apocalyptic Landscape’, in C. Picart, M. Hviid- Jacobsen, and C. Greek (eds) Film, Law, Crime: An Interdisciplinary Anthology. Rowman Littlefield (forthcoming)

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I have undertaken research, consultancy and advisory work with a range of external partners over the course of my career. I have worked with the Internet security company PCTools to investigate and raise public awareness of risks presented by computer hacking. I have given interviews for a range of media outlets, around issues related to Internet crime and security (including BBC Radio, Holyrood magazine, Ars Technica magazine, Cheshire FM, Sunrise Radio, The Bay FM, and Natwest Sense magazine).


I currently contribute to teaching and assessment across a range of modules, primarily for the BA (Hons) Criminology degree.


Associate Director of the Centre for Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

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