Dr Nick Evans of WISE appears on BBC show "Who do you think you are?"

WISE historian uncovers the past for TV personality


Dr Evans' appearance with Alex Kingston is the latest in over two dozen episodes that Dr Evans has provided his expertise, including versions for US and South African editions of the programme. He has also appeared in the BBC series Coast.


who do you think you are?


“In the programme I help confirm a long-held view by Alex that she is of Jewish immigrant ancestry who worked their way out of poverty in the East End using a range of ‘entrepreneurial’ skills,” said Dr Evans, an expert in Jewish migrant history.

“It was brilliant to be able to share with Alex some of the findings from my research. She was very personable and loved the fruits of my delve into the archives.”

The researchers on the programme needed assistance with researching both Alex’s Jewish ancestry and their later involvement in the Victorian underworld.


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