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Journal of Advanced Nursing

Roger Watson is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh with a PhD in biochemistry from The University of Sheffield who qualified in nursing at St George’s Hospital, London. Working in care of older people, he has a special interest in the feeding and nutritional problems of older people with dementia. He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Advanced Nursing and a frequent visitor to China and Australia where he has visiting positions. He was most recently Professor of Nursing, University of Sheffield and is a member of the Research Excellence Framework sub-panel in Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.


Teaching is mainly focused on life sciences in nursing, research methods and writing for publication. Qualified online teacher and enthusiastic user of online and distributed teaching methods

Postgraduate supervision

Completed Postgraduate Supervision

Graeme Smith PhD (1997) Counselling in inflammatory bowel disease (University of Edinburgh) (NHS funded)

Elaine Haycock-Stuart PhD (1999) Sense and Susceptibility: How mothers view accidental injury risk and develop safety strategies for pre-school children (second supervisor; University of Edinburgh) (NHS funded)

Ros Derham MPhil (2001) Pain management for elderly patients following hip fracture (second supervisor; University of Edinburgh) (NHS funded)

Katrina Banningan PhD (2003) Evidence-based practice in occupational therapy (University of Hull) (NHS funded)

Prathana Langkarpint PhD (2005) The development of advanced practice nursing in Thailand: passage and process (University of Hull) (Funded by Payap University, Thailand)

Hayley Dugdall MPhil (2005) An investigation of qualified nurses’ attitudes surrounding the use of evidence when selecting wound care procedures (University of Hull) (NHS funded)

Mohammed Ali Alghamdi PhD (2007) Knowledge, attitude and practice of hospital of senior and middle management towards health care quality programmes in Eastern
Saudi Arabia (University of Hull) (Saudi Arabian government funded)

Cristina Oroviogoicoechea PhD (2008) A realistic evaluation of the impact of a computerised information system on clinical practice: the nurses’ perspective (University of Sheffield) (Funded by Clinica Universitaria de Navarra, Spain)

Silvia Corchon PhD (2009) The development, implementation and evaluation of a strategy to enhance nursing research in clinical nursing: a realistic evaluation study (University of Sheffield) (Funded by Clinica Universitaria de Navarra, Spain)

Samantha Debbage PhD (2009) Do integrated care pathways improve patient outcome? (University of Sheffield) (NHS and self-funding)

Ana Carvajal PhD (2010) A Spanish version of the Edmundson Symptom Assessment Scale: translation, cultural adaptation and validation studies in advanced cancer patients (University of Sheffield) (University of Navarra funded)

Samira Al Senany PhD (2010) An exploration of the attitudes, knowledge, willingness and future intentions to work with older people among Saudi nursing students in baccalaureate nursing schools in Saudi Arabia (University of Sheffield) (Saudi government funded)

Mahmoud Taher Al Kalaldeh (2011) Enteral nutrition in the critically ill. A mixed methods study of adherence to evidence-based protocols, nursing responsibility and teamwork (Funded by Jordanian Government)


  • Feeding difficulty in older people with dementia
  • Nursing workforce development
  • Instrument development
  • Systematic reviews

Key Publications


  • Snowden A, Watson R, Stenhouse R, Hale C (2015) Rasch and confirmatory factor analysis of the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire short form Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12746
  • Bagnasco A, Watson R, Zanini M, Rosa F, Rocco G, Sasso L (2015) Preliminary testing using Mokken scaling of an Italian version of the Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia (EdFED-It) scale Applied Nursing Research 28, 391-396


  • Watson R, Thompson DR, Wang W (2014) Violations of local stochastic independence exaggerate scalability in Mokken scaling analysis of the Chinese Mandarin SF-36 Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 12, 149 http://www.hqlo.com/content/12/1/149
  • Santy-Tomlinson J, Ali P, Watson R (2014) Assessment and diagnosis of acute limb compartment syndrome: a systematic literature review International Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing 18, 180-190
  • Shenkin SD, Watson R, Laidlaw K, Starr JM, Deary IJ (2014)  The Attitudes to Ageing Questionnaire: Mokken Scaling Analysis PLOS One 9, e99100
  • Watson R, Thompson DR, Wang W, Meijer RR (2014) Investigating invariant item ordering in the Mental Health Inventory: An illustration of the use of different methods Personality and Individual Differences 66, 74-78
  • Thompson DR, Ski C, Watson R, Wang W (2014) Mokken scaling of the Chinese version of the Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey Quality of Life Research 23, 581–584
  • Liu W, Watson R, Lou F-L (2014) The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia scale (EdFED): cross-cultural validation of the simplified Chinese version in mainland China Journal of Clinical Nursing 23, 45-53
  • Liu W, Watson R, Lou F-L (2014) The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia scale (EdFED): cross-cultural validation of the simplified Chinese version in mainland China Journal of Clinical Nursing 23, 45-53


  • Cleary M, Jackson D, Watson R, Chan SW-C (2013) Quality doctoral programmes: views from the East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars Journal of Clinical Nursing 22, 1198-1200
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  • Lin Y-P, Watson R, Tsai Y-F (2013) Dignity in care in the clinical setting: a narrative review Nursing Ethics 20, 168-177
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  • Watson R (2013) Nursing research in the 21st century Journal of Health Specialities 1, 13-18
  • Choo TS, Hayter M, Watson R (2013) The effectiveness of nutritional intervention(s) and the treatment of pressure ulcers—a systematic literature review International Journal of Nursing Practice 19 (Suppl, 1), 19-27
  • Watson R, Chen Y, Ip MYK, Smith GD, Wong TSK, Deary IJ (2013) The structure of stress: confirmatory factor analysis of a Chinese version of the stressors in Nursing Students Scale (SINS) Nurse Education Today 33, 160-165
  • Smith GD, Shen C (Eds), Watson R, Li L (Ass Eds) (2013) Studying nursing in UK for Chinese People People’s Medical Publishing House, Beijing
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  • Watson R (2013) Clubbing together Times Higher Education 11 April, 33
  • Watson R, Hayter M (2013) ‘Similarity’ breeds contempt, so why not stop it in its tracks? Times Higher Education 4 April, 27
  • Watson R, Cleary M, Hunt GE (2013) What gets highly cited in JAN? Can editors pick articles which will contribute to a journal’s impact factor? Journal of Advanced Nursing doi:10.1111/jan.12261 (published online only)
  • Hunt GE, Jackson D, Watson R, Cleary M (2013) A citation analysis of nurse education journals using various bibliometric indicators Journal of Advanced Nursing 69, 1411-1445
  • Cleary M, Ferguson C, Jackson D, Watson R (2013) Social media and the new e-professionalism Contemporary Nurse 45:2
  • Kelly J, Watson R (2013) The ‘good’ apprentice—Revisiting Irish nursing's coming of age Nurse Education Today 33, 1-2
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