Faculty of Health and Social Care

Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing


Passionate about developing a skilled and compassionate workforce that is perfectly placed to meet current and future healthcare needs; our strong team of over 40 staff deliver a variety of high quality training programmes.

At the forefront of education and research in our specialist field, we deliver a growing research portfolio related to the Faculty’s key Research Development Groups. We also combine four core elements of professional training that include a

In addition to these accredited training programmes delivered at our Hull Campus, we offer a range of individual courses relating to care and support for people in community and occupational settings at the Scarborough Centre for Health Care Studies.

Keen to promote ethical practice across all of the service areas we support, we actively integrate research into practice and strive to widen participation, particularly in postgraduate training. We always aim to adopt a positive, community-based approach to health and wellbeing that is both critical and challenges the traditional, medically modelled understanding of human distress. Put simply, we seek to understand people in the context of their relationships, communities and social/economic circumstances.

Our diverse team maintains active academic citizenship and a research presence in both the University and wider health community. With wide-ranging professional and academic expertise, they develop their skills by carrying out clinical activities in local and regional services.

Always looking to enhance our national and international reputation, we now have the strong foundations in place to inspire a new era in Psychological Health and Wellbeing and take innovation, research, enterprise and teaching to a new level of excellence.

Photo: ©iStockphoto.com/diego_cervo

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