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Representative publications

Jefford, E, Jomeen, J, Martin, CR. Determining the psychometric properties, reliability and validity of the Enhancing Decision-making Assessment in Midwifery (EDAM) measure in a cross cultural context. BMC Pregnancy and Birth. Under review

Jones, C, Jomeen J, Hayter, M. A Home-Start peer support scheme for women with low mood following childbirth. Community Practitioner. In press

Jones, C, Jomeen J, Glover, L, Garg, D and Marshall, C. Exploring changes in health visitors’ knowledge, confidence and decision making for women with perinatal mental health difficulties following a brief training package. European Journal of Person Centred Healthcare. In press

Jefford, E and Jomeen J. Midwifery Abdication: A finding from an Interpretive Study International Journal of Childbirth. In press

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Wyatt, C, Murray, C, Davies, J and Jomeen J (2014). Postpartum psychosis and relationships: their mutual influence from the perspective of women and significant others. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology. Available online DOI:10.1080/02646838.2015.1027181

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Books/book chapters

Jomeen J (2010) Choice, Control and Contemporary Childbirth: Understanding through Women’s Experiences. Radcliffe: London

Martin, C.R. and Jomeen, J. Assessment of quality of life during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. In Handbook of Disease Burdens and Quality of Life Measures. Editors Preedy VR and Watson RR. Springer: Germany.

Jomeen, J. and Martin, C.R. The Baby with Abnormalities In Martin C.R. (ed) Perinatal Mental Health. MK Update: London

Jomeen, J. and Martin, C.R. Comorbid Physical Illness. In Martin C.R. (ed) Perinatal Mental Health. MK Update: London

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