The Psychological Impact of 3D Ultrasound Scans in  Pregnancy

This study investigates the psychological effects of 3D ultrasound scans on pregnant women and their partners. These scans, offered by private clinics, are becoming increasingly popular. Prospective parents generally choose them not for clinical reasons, but to ‘meet the baby’. 

So far, there is only limited research into the psychological effects of these scans. This study aims to investigate the effect of 3D scans on bonding, anxiety/reassurance and sense of control. It will also explore prospective parents’ motives for having a private 3D scan, how they experience the scan and what meaning they attach to the scan.

This study is undertaken by PhD student Fran Wadephul and supervised by Professor Julie Jomeen and Dr Lesley Glover. An information leaflet is available to explain this study in more detail.

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