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Jon Atkins is a Reader in economics, specialising in applied microeconomic aspects of agriculture, the environment and development. After studying at the University of Nottingham and Manchester University, he held posts at the Universities of Manchester and Newcastle before arriving in Hull. He is book review editor for the Journal of Development Studies, and associate of the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (IECS), University of Hull. He has served as a consultant to the National Rivers Authority (the UK water regulatory agency) and to the Commonwealth Secretariat in London; and was previously Honorary Research Associate, Department of Economics, University of Zimbabwe and Visiting Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Zimbabwe.


BA(Hons) (Nottingham), DipAdStud, PhD (Manchester)


Along with being Programme Leader for the MSc(Econ) Economics and Business, Jon Atkins' current teaching includes:

  • First-year option module in The World Economy
  • Second-year core module in Microeconomics
  • Second-year option module in Development Economics
  • International trade component of third-year option in International Economics
  • MBA module in The Business Environment
  • MSc core module in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy Economics


Jon Atkins' general interests are in the areas of agricultural economics, environmental economics, and development economics. Specific research interests include the economics of estuarine and coastal environments, the vulnerability of small states, the growth of agricultural productivity, and racial wage discrimination.

He has supervised PhD research in racial wage discrimination in South Africa; cost structures and efficiency of the Zimbabwean engineering sector; Sudanese trade; efficiency of the Zimbabwean mining and quarrying sector; and the UK's Climate Change Levy.

Key Publications

Selected publications

Book chapters

Yago M, Atkins JP, Bhattarai KR, Green RJ, Trotter SD (2008) ‘Modelling the economic impact of low-carbon electricity’ in Grubb M, Jamasb T, Pollitt MG (ed), Delivering a Low Carbon Electricity System: Technologies, Economies and Policy, (pp 394-413) Cambridge: CUP

Journal articles

Atkins JP, Burdon D, Elliott M, Gregory AJ, (2011), ‘Managment of the Marine Environment: Integrating Ecosystem Services and Societal Benefits with the DPSIR Framework in a Systems Approach’. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol 62, pp 215-226.

Atkins JP, Burdon D, Allen JH (2007) ‘An application of contingent valuation and decision tree analysis to reduced estuarine eutrophication’ (vol 55, pp 591-602) Marine Pollution Bulletin

Atkins JP, Austen MC, Beaumont NJ, Burdon D, Degraer S, Dentinho TP, Derous S, Holm P, Horton T, van Ierland E, Marboe AH, Starkey DJ, Townsend M, Zarzycki T (2007) ‘Identification, definition and quantification of goods and services provided by marine biodiversity: implications for the ecosystem approach’ (vol 54, pp 253-265) Marine Pollution Bulletin

Atkins JP, Burdon D (2006) ‘An initial economics evaluation of water quality improvements in the Randers Fjord, Denmark’ (vol 53, pp 195-204) Marine Pollution Bulletin

 J.P.Atkins, P. Bottomley, N. Gonese, J. Govereh, Y. Khatri and C. Thirtle (1993) ‘Agricultural Productivity in Zimbabwe, 1970‑1990', Economic Journal, Vol.103, No.417 (March), pp.474‑480.

J.P. Atkins, C Easter and S Mazzi (2000), ‘A Commonwealth Vulnerability Index for Developing Countries: The Position of Small States', Commonwealth Secretariat Economic Paper 40, January 2000, pp.viii + 64. London: Commonwealth Secretariat. ISBN 0 85092 637 8.

J.P. Atkins, P Allanson and T Hinks (2000) ‘A Multilateral Decomposition of Racial Wage Differentials in the 1994 South African Labour Market', Journal of Development Studies, Vol.37, No.1, pp.93-120.

J.P. Atkins, S. Mazzi, C.D. Easter, (2001) Small States: A Composite Vulnerability Index. In D. Peretz, R. Faruqi and E.J. Kisanga (eds.), Small States in the Global Economy, London: Commonwealth Secretariat in conjunction with the World Bank, (pp.53-92). ISBN 0 85092 673 4.

J.P. Atkins, P.F. Allanson, T. Hinks, (2002) No End to the Racial Wage Hierarchy in South Africa? Review of Development Economics, Vol. 6, No.3, pp.442-459.

J.P. Atkins, and P.F. Allanson, (2005), ‘The Evolution of the Racial Wage Hierarchy in Post-Apartheid South Africa', Journal of Development Studies, Vol.41, No.6, 1023-50.

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N.J. Beaumont, J.P. Atkins, M.C. Austen, D. Burdon, S. Degraer, T.P. Dentinho, S. Derous, P. Holm, T. Horton, E. van Ierland, A. H. Marboe, D.J. Starkey, M. Townsend, and T. Zarzycki (2007) ‘Identification, Definition and Quantification of Goods and Services provided by Marine Biodiversity: Implications for the Ecosystem Approach', Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol.54, pp. 253-265.

J.P. Atkins, D. Burdon and J.H. Allen (2007) ‘An Application of Contingent Valuation and Decision Tree Analysis to Reduced Estuarine Eutrophication', Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol.55, pp. 591-602.

J.P. Atkins, K.R. Bhattarai, R.J. Green, S.D. Trotter and M. Yago, Modelling the economic impact of low-carbon electricity. Hull University Business School Research Memorandum Number 73, October 2007. Due to be published in M. Grubb et al. (eds.), Delivering a Low Carbon Electricity System: Technologies, Economics and Policy, Cambridge University Press, May 2008.


Other contributions

Atkins JP, (2011), Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquacultural Science / Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund. ‘Seabed restoration following marine aggregate dredging: Do the benefits justify the costs?’ (MEPF Ref No MEPF/09/P115)

Atkins JP, Burdon D, Cooper K, Elliott M, Somerfield P, Turner K, Vivian C, Ware S, Weiss L (2010) Report to Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund: ‘Seabed restoration following marine aggregate dredging: Do the benefits justify the costs’ (draft report no. MEPF/09/P115 submitted November 2010)

Atkins JP, Burdon D, Elliott M (2008) Defining ecosystem goods and services with a focus on the UK nuclear power industry (SBB900-D1-2008, pp 31) CEFAS

Trotter SD, Atkins JP, Bhattarai KR, Green RJ, Yago M (2007) Modelling the economic impact of low-carbon electricity, Research Memorandum, 73, pp 25, Hull University Business School

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