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Sabur Mollah

Professor of Finance and Director of Research

Accounting and Finance

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Sabur Mollah is a Professor of Finance and Director of Research at Hull University Business School. He obtained his BCOM (Honours) and MCOM in finance from University of Dhaka and PhD in Finance from Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. Sabur taught previously at Bournemouth University, University of Botswana, University of Dhaka, Leeds University Business School, and Stockholm Business School. He has published extensively on issues surrounding market reactions to dividend policy, asset pricing behaviour, market efficiency and volatility, and corporate governance. His current research interest includes corporate governance in banks, market conditions and investor behaviour, and financial disclosure and market informativeness. Sabur obtained outstanding research/best paper awards in several occasions. His papers are appeared in the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of International Financial Market, Institutions, and Money, Journal of Financial Stability, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting etc. Nevertheless, he has got several papers under review/R&R at top accounting and finance journals including Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Contemporary Accounting Research etc.

Sabur obtained several external research grants in the past including Bureau of Business Research, Bangladesh (1997 and 2002), University Grants Commission, Bangladesh (2004), Office of Research and Development, Botswana (2006 and 2007) etc. Sabur also attracted extraordinary external grants from Swedish research foundations in the recent years. He has research collaborations with University of Leeds, Hanken School of Economics, Stockholm Business School, Durham University, Aston Business School, Monash University, Bangor University, Queensland University of Technology, and Fordham University.


Docent in Business Administration - specialization in Finance (Stockholm University, Sweden)

PhD in Finance (Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK)

MCOM in Finance (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; 1st Class)

BCOM (Honours) in Finance (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; 1st Class)


Managing Finances


Sabur’s research interests include issues relating to the:

  • Corporate governance in banks;
  • Boardroom Behaviour- power and influence in the boardroom;
  • Financial market contagion, co-movement, and integration;
  • Market conditions and investor behaviour;
  • Efficient capital markets;
  • Financial disclosure and stock market informativeness;
  • Dividend policy;
  • Corporate/Shari’ah governance systems in Islamic banks

Sabur’s recent grants include:

  • 2013: VINNOVA Research Foundation Research primary Grant on, ‘The co-dependence between bank and sovereign risk in Europe and the potential benefits of a banking union’, (SEK200k). Principal Investigator: Asma Mobarek.
  • 2011: NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation Research Grant on, “Cross-country Random Walk Hypothesis and Mean Reverting Long-Memory Properties of Stock Returns: Does the duration for mean reversion varies in equity returns between Pre, during and Post Crisis period?”, (SEK 0.5 Million). Principal Investigator: Sabur Mollah.
  • 2011: Jan Wallanders Och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse Research Grant on, ‘IFRS and Market Efficiency: Studying the Impact of IFRS Adoption on Market Efficiency around the World’, (SEK 2.0 Million). Principal Investigator: Sabur Mollah.
  • 2010: Jan Wallanders Och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse Research Grant on, ‘Corporate Governance Failure of Large Banks during Global Financial Crisis’, (SEK 2.0 Million). Principal Investigator: Sabur Mollah.
  • 2009: NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation Research Grant on, “Contagion and Co-integration in Financial Markets during Financial Crisis”, (SEK 0.5 Million).


Recent Publications

  • Mobarek, A., and Mollah, S. (2016). Global Stock Market Integration: Co-Movement, Crises, and Efficiency in Developed and Emerging Markets. Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Inc., USA, ISBN 9781137367532.
  • Mollah, S., and Liljeblom, E. (2016). Governance and bank characteristics in the credit and sovereign debt crises – what is different? Journal of Financial Stability 27, 59-73.
  • Mollah, S., Hassan, K., Al-Farooque, O., and Mobarek, A. (2016). The Governance, Risk-taking, and Performance of Islamic Banks. Journal of Financial Services Research, Forthcoming (in press).
  • Mobarek, A., Muradoglu, G., Mollah, S., and Hou, A.J. (2016). Determinants of time varying co-movements among international stock markets during crisis and non-crisis periods. Journal of Financial Stability 24, 1-11.
  • Mollah, S., Quoreshi, S., and Zafirov, G. ( 2016). Equity Market Contagion during Global and Eurozone Crises, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money 41, 151-167.
  • Mollah, S., and Zaman, M. (2015). Shari’ah Supervision, Corporate Governance and Performance: Conventional vs. Islamic Banks. Journal of Banking and Finance 58, 418–435.
  • Liljeblom, E., Mollah, S., and Rotter, P. (2015). Do dividends signal future earnings in the Nordic stock markets? Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting 44(3), 493-511.
  • Mobarek, A., Mollah, S., and Keasey, K. (2014) . A Cross-Country Analysis of Herd Behavior in Europé. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 32, 107-127.
  • Mollah, S and Uddin, H. (2013) How could an Islamic Microfinance model play the key roles in poverty alleviation? European Perspective. Ch. 15, Contemporary Islamic Finance: Innovations, Applications and Best Practices (Edited Book by Karen Hunt-Ahmed), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Mollah, S and Hossain, A. (2013). Market Microstructure in African Equity Markets’, Ch. 25, Market Microstructure in Emerging and Developed Markets (part of Robert W. Kolb series in Finance), Edited by H. Kent Baker and Halil Kiymaz, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Under Review

  • Political connection and bank in(efficiency): A Regional Analysis Using a Two-stage Bias-corrected DEA-Quantile Regression (with O. Abdelsalam and E. Tortosa-Ausina), Journal of Financial Stability (1st Round).
  • Regulatory Disclosure Choice and Capital Market Impact (with C. Cai and J. Ye), British Accounting Review (1st Round).
  • Bank Corporate Governance and Future Earnings Predictability (with O. Al-Farooque, A. Mobarek, and P. Molyneux), Journal of Banking & Finance (1st Round).
  • Conditional Heteroskedasticity in Long Memory Model ‘FIMACH’ for Return Volatilities in BRICS Equity Markets (with S. Quoreshi), Quantitative Finance (1st Round).
  • Are CEOs more Informative than CFOs? Evidence from Trades based on Superior Information and Contrarian Beliefs (with A. Chowdhury and M. Zaman), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (1st Round).


  • Asset Securitization and Bank risk: Does Religiosity Matter? (with O. Abdelsalam, M. Elnahass, and S. Leventis).
  • Strong Board and Risk Taking in Islamic Banks (with M. Skully).
  • Board Quality and Stock Return Synchronicity in Large Banks (with I. Hasan and A. Mobarek).
  • CEO networking and Board Monitoring in Large Banks 
  • CDS Contagion and Bank Similarity: European Evidence (with F. Vallascas and A. Mobarek).
  • Contagion and Co-integration in African Equity Markets: Africa, a Safer Investment Zone during Financial Crises? (with S. Quoreshi and A. Hassan).
  • Does Shari’ah Supervision Complement or Substitute Board Monitoring in Islamic Banks? (with A. Mobarek and M. Zaman).
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and accounting conservatism: empirical investigation on US firms during pre and post Sarbanes–Oxley Act. (with M. Malik).
  • Does corporate social responsibility substitute or complement corporate governance in Islamic Banks? (with A. Mobarek).
  • Financial statement comparability and earnings management through loan loss provisioning in Banks (with A. Habib and M. Monzur).


  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance
  • Academic Member of European Corporate Governance Institute
  • Member of American Finance Association
  • Member of Financial Management Association International
  • Member of British Accounting and Finance Association
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer:
    • Journal of Banking and Finance
    • Journal of International Financial Market, Institutions, and Money
    • Journal of Financial Services Research
    • Journal of Financial Stability
    • European Financial Management
    • The European Journal of Finance
    • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
    • International Review of Financial Analysis
    • Corporate Governance: An International Review
    • World Development
    • Journal of Business Ethics
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