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Appointed as Lecturer in Economics at the University of Hull from February 2002, and promoted to Senior Lecturer in Economics with effect from August 2006.

Previously Lecturer in Economics at the University of St Andrews, from September 1995 to February 2002.

Personal homepage:


DPhil (York), BSc(Econ) (Hull)


Current teaching contributions include the following modules:

    i.       Labour Economics (Module 26217, Level 6, Semester 1) - Module Leader, 21 lectures and 2 tutorial groups (6 tutorials).

   ii.       Topics in Applied Economics (Module 26173, Level 6, Semester 2) – Module Leader, 7 lectures and 3 tutorial groups (2 tutorials).

Previous teaching contributions have involved modules in areas such as Econometrics, Statistical Analysis of Economic Data, Applied Economics, Applied Business Economics, European Union Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Economics and Quantitative Methods.

Currently, Dr Nolan has the role of Economics Undergraduate Programme Leader. He is also a member of the Hull University Business School's Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee


After graduating from the University of Hull in 1989 with first class honours in his BSc(Econ) in Economics and Econometrics, Dr Nolan began his involvement in economics research almost immediately afterwards as Research Assistant to Dr John Treble, based at the University of Hull and working for 14 months during 1989-90 on a project studying workplace absenteeism. The project was funded by a large UK manufacturing firm.

Dr Nolan's doctoral thesis, awarded by the University of York in 1995, was entitled:  "Multiple-spell absences under an experience-rated sickpay scheme". It was funded for three years by the Economic and Social Research Council, and was supervised by Dr Chris Orme - who was promoted to a Chair in Econometrics at the University of Manchester in 1995, and subsequently held the role of Head of Economics there for the period 2004-2007.

Dr Nolan's research interests can be broadly described as being in labour economics and applied microeconometrics. He is willing to consider supervising research students in these areas - especially on topics in the fields of absenteeism from the workplace, duration modelling of labour market states, and the economics of earnings, employment and self-employment.


Selected publications

  • Nolan, M. A., Trotter, S., Reynolds, M. (2012). Does the local economics performance league table lie? Concentric banding and the Index of multiple deprivation. (4th ed., vol. 27, pp. 403-418). Local Economy.
  • Nolan MA, Burke AE (2009) Is there a north-south divide in self-employment in England? (vol 43, pp 529-544) Regional Studies
  • Nolan MA, Burke AE, Fitzroy FR (2008) What makes a die-hard entrepreneur? Beyond the 'employee or entrepreneur' dichotomy (vol 31 (2), pp 93-115) Small Business Economics
  • M. Nolan, (2004) Monte Carlo analysis of specification tests in the presence of time-varying covariates within the log-hazard, 2004. New 2(1): 121-132, Journal of Quantitative Economics, 0971 1554
  • M. Nolan, F. FitzRoy, A. Burke, (2002) Self-employment Wealth and Job Creation, 2002. 19(3): 255-270, Small Business Economics, 0921 898X.
  • M. Nolan, F. FitzRoy, M. Funke, (2002) Working time, taxation and unemployment in general equilibrium, 2002. 18(2): 333-344, European Journal Of Political Economy, 0176 2680.
  • M. Nolan, T. Barmby, R. Winkelmann, (2001) Contracted workdays and absence, 2001. 69(3): 269-275, Manchester School, 1463 6786.

A more complete list of Dr Nolan's publications in academic journals can be found at the following URL:


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