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Professor Amar Ramudhin

Professor Amar Ramudhin

Director of the Logistics and Humber Development Institute, Hull University Business School

Logistics Institute

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Professor Amar Ramudhin is a supply chain and logistics expert with over 25 years of experience as an educator, researcher, consultant and IT executive. He has worked on a wide variety of projects: from classical supply chain issues (supply chain design, operations planning, inventory management, transportation / distribution planning and execution) to trade facilitation issues such as the design of logistics gateways and hubs with integrated sea-air-land connectivity. His interest in helping organizations to better align their processes lead to the development of a new Unified business Modeling Notation that allows the composite modeling of an enterprise’s business processes resulting in a deeper understanding of the interaction between people, processes, policies and information that can then be used to streamline, control and manage complex systems. He previously served as one of the directors of Georgia Tech's Supply Chain & Logistics Institute in Atlanta and was the research director for Georgia Tech's Trade and Logistics Innovation Center in Panama. In the past, he has held senior positions in the software industry and has served on the faculty of several Canadian universities.


PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta), MSc (Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal), B.Ing (University of Quebec, Trois-Rivieres)


·         Supply Chain Design, Organisation and Strategy

·         Inventory Management

·         Transportation and Distribution

·         Supply Chain Technology


·         Designing global logistics systems for trade facilitation

·         Sustainable supply chain design and management

·         Food supply chain

·         Healthcare logistics

·         Massively connected Supply chains


Journal Articles
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