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Dr Trotter has been a lecturer at the University of Hull since 1986.  Dr Trotter previously spent four years at the University of Liverpool as a temporary lecturer.  His particular responsibilities at Hull - beyond the standard teaching and research - have mostly been in the areas of undergraduate programme leadership and quality assurance.  The latter has included work outside the Business School, involving programmes in other subjects at Hull and also in economics at other universities.


MA (Econ) (Cambridge), MSc (Bristol), DPhil in Economics (York), BA (Hons) (Cambridge)


Dr Trotter currently contributes some or all of the following modules:

  • First year core module in Business Economics
  • The Quantitative Methods element of first-year Academic and Professional Skills
  • Third-year option in Economics of Government
  • MSc core module in Current Issues in Business Economics
  • MSc option in Economic Analysis for Business
  • MSc option in Transport Economics
  • MBA module in The Business Environment


Dr Trotter's main research has always fallen into the broad area of public sector applied microeconomics, especially issues related to the nationalised and regulated industries.  This has included work on a number of industries over the years, including telecommunications, water and postal services.  To a considerable extent the problems they face are the same, and so the principles and methods applicable to one industry can often be extended to another.  More recent work has included involvement in the Hull section of the Supergen project (a major EPSRC initiative in sustainable energy, with Hull's contribution focussing on low-carbon electricity generation) and collaborative work on airline and airport economics with a former Hull colleague, Dr Jo McHardy of the University of Sheffield.


Journal articles

Trotter, S. D., Nolan, M. A., Reynolds, M. M. (2012). Does the local economic performance league table lie?  Concentric banding and the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010. (4th ed., vol. 27, pp. 403-418). Local Economy.

Trotter, S. D., McHardy, J. P., Reynolds, M. M. (2012). Network Interconnectivity with Competition and Regulation. (vol. 47, pp. 97-110). Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.

Trotter, S. D., McHardy, J. P., Reynolds, M. M. (2012). On The Problem of Network Monopoly. (2nd ed., vol. 73, pp. 223-248). Theory and Decision.

Trotter SD, Grant D, Kotzab H, Teller C (resubmitted after revision) The impact of economic systems on logistics and supply chain management relationships International Journal of Logistics Management

Trotter SD, McHardy J, Reynolds M ( resubmitted after revision) On the problem of network monopoly Theory and Decision

Trotter, SD, McHardy J (2006) Competition and deregulation: do air passengers get the benefits? (vol 40, pp 74-93) Transportation Research A


Trotter, SD, Chrystal, A. (2011). Instrcutors manual and expanded set of multiple-choice questions to accompany Lipsey and Chrystal’s Economics, 12th ed. Oxford University Press (online resources)

Trotter SD, Palfreman SP (2007) Instructor's manual and expanded set of multiple choice questions to accompany Lipsey and Chrystal ‘Economics’ (11th ed) Oxford University Press (online resource)

Book chapters

Yago M, Atkins JP, Bhattarai KR, Green RJ, Trotter SD (2008) Modelling the economic impact of low-carbon electricity in Grubb M, Jamasb T, Pollitt MG (ed), Delivering a Low Carbon Electricity System: Technologies, Economies and Policy (pp 394–413) Cambridge: CUP


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