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Carlyn Dobson joined Hull University as Reader in Economics in September 2012. This is her second stint at the Hull University. On completing her PhD at Loughborough University she obtained a lectureship in the Department of Economics. She  has worked at numerous universities in the UK and abroad including the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and University of Otago in New Zealand.


Ph D (Loughborough), MSc and BSc, (West Indies), Economics


Carlyn has extensive teaching experience in universities in the UK and overseas. She has teaching interests in development economics, econometrics and mathematical economics.


Carlyn’s main areas of research are economics of developing countries and applied econometrics. She has published several papers on the informal sector, corruption and inequality in the Latin American regions. She has also done a considerable amount of work on testing the convergence hypothesis.


Journal Articles

  • Is Africa Actually Developing?, World Development, Volume 66, February 2015, Page 598-613
  • Dobson, C., King, A.“Are income differences within the OECD diminishing? Evidence from Fourier unit root tests” (with A King). Studies in Non Linear Dynamics and Econometrics,18, 2, (2014) (with A King).
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