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Dr. Fernando Correia

Dr Fernando Correia

Lecturer of Sustainable Business Management

Hull University Business School

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Dr. Fernando Correia has over 15 years of professional and academic experience in sustainability related fields.  Having started his career as an Ecologist, Fernando then worked for several years in the third sector for a Regional Development NGO, before moving to the UK to complete doctoral studies at the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Leeds Metropolitan University. He developed his PhD research on the implementation of the ‘European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas’ across Europe, and he is an experienced consultant on sustainable tourism in several international contexts. He is also a regular visiting lecturer at the International University of Andalucia, Spain, on the post-graduate degree “Knowledge and Innovation applied to Sustainable Strategic Management in Tourism Destinations”.

Before moving to Hull, Fernando was a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Business School, Centre for Leadership Studies, working on the interdisciplinary project “Clear About Carbon – Supporting Cornwall’s Transition to the Low Carbon Economy”. This ESF/Convergence-funded project focused on the development of leadership and management skills for low carbon procurement and supply chain management, and has received several regional and national awards for its impact on policy and practice, including:

  • Winner at the ESF-ITM Final Awards for Best Mainstreaming Project (2013)
  • Winner of the Innovation Group category at Cornwall Works WISE Awards (2012)
  • Winner of ESF Sustainable Development Specialist Project Leader Award (2011)

More recently, Fernando championed the set up of an innovative inter-disciplinary and international research network on Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (TObeWELL project, EU COST Action IS1204). This network will be running from 2013-2016, and Fernando represents both HUBS and the UK in its Management Committee.


PhD (Leeds Metropolitan University), BSc and MSc (University of Coimbra)


BA Sustainable Business


Research interests:

  • Leadership and management for sustainability and the low-carbon economy
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain management
  • Sustainable, rural and nature-based tourism
  • Tourism, wellbeing and ecosystem services
  • Sustainability indicators and certification
  • Resilience theory and complex adaptive systems


Current and past research projects and grants

  • 2012-(2016):  TObeWELL - Tourism, Wellbeing and  Ecosystem Services, in collaboration with Prof. Gareth Show, University of Exeter Business School. Funding by COST– European Science Foundation / Action IS1204. ( )
  • 2009-2012:  “Clear About Carbon – Supporting Cornwall’s Transition to the Low Carbon Economy”, with Professor Annie Pye, Professor Mickey Howard, and Dr. Beverley Hawkins. Funding by European Social Fund / Convergence.
  • 2009 -2011: STEPPA –Sustainable Tourism in Enterprises, Parks and Protected Areas , in collaboration with Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Eastern Finland. Funding by the European Commission’s “Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)” - “Knowledge networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European Tourism”.
  • 2005 - EU Marie Curie training grant. “EASY-ECO - Evaluation of Sustainability". Training programme for young researchers  on Sustainability Evaluation. Run by Research Institute for Managing Sustainability – Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, and Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe - REC Slovakia.

PhD supervision:

Dr. Correia is currently co-supervising David McNeil (European Centre for Environment and Human Health) on a CUC-ESF funded research on “Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Isles of Scilly: Towards Benefits Realisation”.



Refereed Publications:

  • Correia, F; Hawkins, B; Howard, M; and Pye, A. (2013) “Low Carbon Procurement: An Emerging Agenda” Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Volume 19, Number 1, pp. 58-64


  • Correia F., Pye A. Hawkins B., Howard M., Ramsay S. (2011) Clear About Carbon: Leading Change in Procurement for Cornish Supply Chains The European Financial Review, Dec 2011-Jan 2012.
  • (Book Chapter) Correia, F. 2010. The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: different perspectives and experiences. In Lopez, D. ed. Turismo y Gestion de Espacios Protegidos. Valencia: Editorial Tirant lo Blanch, pp. 149-166.

Conference papers

  • Huijbens, E.H., Correia, F. Peeters, P., Dłużewska, A. (2013) Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services. Commodification and conservation? RGS-IBG Annual International Conference. London, 28th-30th August 2013. 
  • Correia et al. 2011. Low Carbon Procurement: An Emerging Agenda. The 20th Annual IPSERA Conference (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association: Vision 20/20 - Preparing today for tomorrow’s challenges. Maastricht, Netherlands 10-13 April.
  • Correia F., Hawkins B., Howard M., Lamming R., Pye A. (2011) Low Carbon Procurement: An Emerging Agenda. 20th Annual IPSERA Conference (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association. Vision 20/20 - Preparing today for tomorrow’s challenges, Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • Hawkins B., Pye A., Correia F., Howard M. and Lamming R. (2011) Ethical complexities in low carbon leadership. International Studying Leadership Conference, Bristol.
  • Hawkins B., Pye A., Correia F., Lamming R., Howard M. (2010) Clumsy Ethics: Leading change for sustainable procurement. British Academy of Management Conference 2010, Sheffield, UK.
  • Correia, F., Font, X. and Long, J. 2006. The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Cutting Edge Research in Tourism: New Directions, Challenges and Applications. June 2006, University of Surrey.

Policy and Practitiner Reports

  • Ramsay S, Correia F (2013). “Carbon Matters, Explorations in Low Carbon Procurement”. Final report of project ‘Clear About Carbon, Supporting Cornwall’s Transition to a Low Carbon Economy’. University of Exeter Business School/ Centre for Leadership Studies ESF/Convergence. (Accessible through )
  • Correia F, Font X  (2011) Sustainable Tourism in Enterprises, Parks and Protected Areas: Proposals for an Evaluation, Auditing and Validation Approach of Charter Part II Partnership Systems. EUROPARC Federation. (available at: )
  • Correia F, Font X  (2011) Sustainable Tourism in Enterprises, Parks and Protected Areas: Proposal to Harmonize and Accredit Charter Part II (CP2) Certification Programmes at European Level. EUROPARC Federation (available at: )
  • Republic of Mozambique, Ministry of Tourism. 2009. “Tourism Development Plan for the ‘Parque Nacional das Quirimbas’, A general overview for investors.” Project Team: Tapper R, Buncle T, Rissik D, Rohrbach S, Saferi A, Omar AH, Correia FML, Mills A, McIntyre C.
  • Capellà, J; Ballbé, I; Correia, F. 2009. Estratègia de Desenvolupament de Turisme de Natura a Catalunya, vinculat als Espais Naturals (Nature-Tourism Development Strategy for the Natural Protected Areas of Catalonia ). DCB Turisme i Desenvolupament Local. Secretaria de Comerç i Turisme, Generalitat de Catalunya, Department d’Innovació, Universitats i Empresa.

Teaching cases:

  • Howard M, Jeanrenaud S, Correia F (2012), “Desso and the Cradle-to-Cradle® Challenge: Rethinking Carpet as a Closed-loop Supply System”. Available at, Reference no.612-031-1
  • Correia F et al. (2013) “Carbon Choices: Cornwall’s ‘Sustainable Bus Shelters’. Correia F et al (2013) “ProRail and the creation of the CO2-PerformaceLadder” Correia F et al (2013) SKAO and the future development of the CO2 Performanceladder Correia F et al (2013) Almere and the application of the CO2 Performanceladder (All available at http://business- )


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of Association of Sustainability Practitioners

Associate of Sustainable Travel International

Visiting lecturer at the International University of Andalucia, Spain

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