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How to apply for PhD in Systems Thinking and Sustainability Engineering

Course structure and how to apply

Applicants must meet the entry requirements of both the Universities of Hull and Melbourne.

  • The PhD will be jointly supervised and jointly awarded.
  • Students will spend their first year in Hull, where they will undertake research training, gain a deeper appreciation of the literature relevant to their research, and further develop their research proposal.
  • They will then spend their second year in Melbourne undertaking fieldwork or an in-depth study on a sustainability issue of their choice, before returning to Hull to finish writing up in their third year.
  • Applicants wishing to undertake systemic action research projects, quantitative studies, qualitative research and/or purely theoretical explorations are all encouraged to apply.

Please see the Hull University Business School guidelines for completing a PhD application.

Filling in the application

The application form is a generic one for all the University of Hull’s PhD programmes, so please specify Hull/Melbourne PhD Systems Thinking and Sustainability Engineering in the box asking which programme you are interested in.

The University of Hull and Hull University Business School are both currently advertising competitive scholarships, with a deadline of 3 February 2014.

If your studies are dependent on receiving one of these scholarships, you must apply for the PhD programme before, or at the same time as, the scholarships.

If you are intending to be funded by a body outside the University of Hull, there is no deadline for applications.

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