Alina Craciun

Alina Craciun

"Hull is the perfect university for me. The people and professors are very helpful."

When I decided to come to Hull I wasn’t sure it was going to be the best decision for me, but after a year in Hull I am certain it was. Life in Hull is nice and peaceful. The campus is huge, but you can easily go from each building to the other one in less than 10 minutes.

Student life is different compared with other universities because you have everything in one place. It is wonderful that you can join a lot of societies, for example the International Student Association, the Athletic Union and so on. By getting involved in lots of activities you will never be bored.

Hull is the perfect university for me! The people and the professors always help you when you need something. My advice is to make lots of new friends.

                                                 BA Marketing and Financial Management

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