Studying at Hull

Studying at Hull

If you are currently registered with another University and wish to study at the University of Hull for a short period... Congratulations! You have found the correct section of our website!

The University of Hull offers students the opportunity to spend a short period studying in England, a single semester of 4.5 months or a full academic year of 9 months. You can study for credits only and will not receive a degree from the University of Hull.

The University of Hull has two campuses, Hull & Scarborough. You can choose to study at either one of our campuses but not both. Please research the details of each campus including the details of courses offered at each carefully before you decide.

There are several categories under which you can join the University of Hull for your time away from your home University. If you are unsure whether your home University has a link with Hull, please check with your Erasmus, Exchange or Study abroad coordinator.

  Agreement with Hull University = Tuition fee waiver No Agreement with Hull University = Tuition fees are payable
EU Student Socrates/Erasmus+ Visiting Occasional
Overseas (Non-EU) Student Exchange Study Abroad

You will need to finance your other expenses like accommodation, living expenses, etc. A guide to your cost of living and information on medical insurance and opening a bank account can be found here.

If you are required to pay tuition fees for study as indicated above, the amount can be found here.

You can find our semester & exam dates here.

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