Studying at Hull

Application process

What YOU do

Step 1: Nomination by Home University

This is the FIRST step of your application. You MUST be nominated by your home University. You will find more information here.

Step 2: Application by Student

Submit your Exchange & Study Abroad Application before the deadline.

September entry: 31st May

January entry: 31st October

This must include all the supporting documents, a completed Learning Agreement. You will find more information on making your Module Selection in the section Modules.

For Accommodation information, application form and support please contact

The Incoming Exchange & Study Abroad application form can be found here.

Step 3: Plan your Arrival & Stay

Make sure to read all the information in the following sections to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

What WE do

Step 1: Acceptance Email

We will send you an email acceptance of your application to study with us. The Exchange & Study Abroad Office will contact you if there are any issues with your application.

Step 2: Learning Agreement

Your application is sent to the relevant Academic department that will consider your Learning Agreement.

Step 3: Visa Documents

If you are a Visa National, information on Visa Applications and UK Entry Documents will be provided to you in August either by the International Office or Admissions. The information you receive and the school you are contacted by will depend on the length of your study.

Step 4: Pre-registration

The Exchange & Study Abroad Office will then contact you with your pre-registered modules. This will be in August for students starting in September and December for those starting in January.

You will find more information on the Application for Exchange & Study Abroad here.

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