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Module Selection

Detailed module information including assessment details, contact time and a brief description of the module content can be found on the courses section of our website. Download the module information guide and read this along with the course details. These pages are updated around April each year for the next academic year – please use the previous year's information if you're applying before then.

In order to choose modules for your ‘Learning Agreement’ you will need to select the appropriate Session (the academic year that you intend to study at Hull), Search [Modules (Exchange Students)], Location (Campus) and Department, if known. It is important that you select the correct Session to avoid disappointment. You can cross check your eligibility for a module is indicated at the end of the 'Basic Information' section.

Module Selection

This will bring up a list of modules that are most current. You may then browse through and select the modules that interest you.

Module Selection List

You will now need to ensure that the module does not run for longer than your stay. You will find this information on the left-hand side of the module list against each module. If the academic session is followed by S1 or S2 then the module will run during Semester 1 or Semester 2, if not, the module will run for the entire year. You will also find this information at the top of module details page.

Module Details Page

Please choose at least 1 alternative module for each of your first choices and have all modules approved by your home University. The alternatives are required for a number of reasons.

Selected modules are not guaranteed and may not be available to you because:

  • You don't have the necessary pre-requisites
  • The module is full or not running
  • You've chosen a full year module and will only be studying for a semester

In addition if you study in separate departments and at different levels, you may have timetable clashes. So be prepared to change your Learning Agreement. You'll have the chance to change, add and delete modules during the first week of term (not Welcome Week). You'll be briefed on this process and assistance will be available during the first weeks of teaching.

We cannot provide lecture timetables before arrival, as these are not normally finalised until the end of August/beginning of September.

Please note that Law School modules will only be assigned to students that are arriving from Universities that partner directly with The Law School at Hull. The Psychology department at the University of Hull does not accept any Exchange student.

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