Studying at Hull

Planning your arrival in Hull

You should find the semester dates and examination periods as well as in the application information you were sent. You will receive any updates information along with your confirmation of acceptance email. This email will also contain:

  • Preferred dates of arrival
  • Welcome/orientation information
  • A travel guide

You will also receive regular emails from the Exchange & Study Abroad Office during August/September or December/January, depending on which semester you plan to arrive.  This will help you plan your arrival period. 

Confirmation of Arrival

If you plan to use the International Arrivals service you MUST confirm your arrival at least 7 days before the 1st day of pick up. The on-line arrivals will be closed after this date and we will not be able to guarantee your free travel. Please ensure that you select the correct campus when you complete the form.

Your travel from the airports are subsidised by the Exchange & Study Abroad Office. The subsidy is for your seat, 2 pieces of luggage and your hand luggage only. If you bring more luggage you will be charged £25 per bag. Any family or friends (not fellow students who are studying at Hull) who travel with you will be charged £25 each (for the seat, 2 pieces of luggage and hand luggage) and a further £25 for each extra item. The charges will be payable to the coordinator at the location before boarding the bus. Alternatively you can use the travel guide and arrange to travel by train or taxi to Hull at your own expense.

You are also advised to bring with you only what you can carry. The volunteers at the airport will help has much as they can but are there to guide you and ensure you are on the bus safe and sound. They are not porters and will not carry your luggage for you, so please be prepared to carry your own luggage to the bus.

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