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Visa application process

Inside UK

Applying from inside the UK

  1. Tier 4 visa extension to complete your existing programme »
    • If your current Tier 4 visa expires before the end of your current programme, you will need to extend your stay in the UK. If you need to be on campus to complete your current programme and if you continue to meet relevant academic and immigration requirements, you should be able to apply for your visa extension (your next Tier 4 General visa) while here and must do so before your current visa expires.

  2. Tier 4 visa extension to start a new programme »
    • If you are thinking of studying another programme at the University of Hull following the completion of your current programme, OR, if you are coming to study with us from another UK university, you must first meet all of the academic requirements.

      It is not always possible to extend your Tier 4 visa in the UK in order to start a new programme with us. It will depend on where you studied your previous programme (Higher Education Institution, embedded college offering pathway institution, Further Education college), what visa you had while studying there, whether or not you completed your previous course, level of that programme, etc.

      In addition to the above, you can only make your next visa application in the UK if your new programme starts within 28 days of your visa expiry date. If the gap between your current visa expiry date and the start of the new programme is longer than 28 days, or if there are other conditions preventing you from applying in the UK, you will need to leave the UK before your visa expires and apply for your next Tier 4 visa from your home country or country of residence.

      Please contact us for further information.

      If you are allowed under the current UKVI immigration law to make your next visa application in the UK, you will need to apply for your Tier 4 visa extension using the valid CAS issued by the University first before you can register onto your new study programme here.

    • Tier 4 visa application in the UK

      It is important to start preparing your documents and completing your application well in advance as you must submit a valid Tier 4 visa application before your current visa expires and before you can register on your new programme.

      Before you begin, please make sure that you read the latest Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

      If you have any questions regarding your visa application or documents, please contact the Immigration Team.

  1. Date of your application »
    • The date of your application is the date you submit and pay for your visa application online. Therefore, it is important that you prepare all of your documents before you submit your visa applications.

  2. Online visa application »
    • You need to follow online instructions and start your online Tier 4 visa application.  Please keep your log in details safe as you will need these to return to your application. You do not have to complete all of it at once and can log in at a later time and press ‘Resume your old application’ to continue.

  3. Application and documents check »
    • Once you have completed your online application (but before you confirmed it at the end of Stage 2 and paid your online fee) and prepared all of your documents, please email to request a Tier 4 document checking appointment. Please quote your name and student number and allow us at least a few days to offer an appointment as it is not always possible to offer an appointment at short notice.

      Please bring all of your original documents, your laptop/iPad/ tablet and your log-in details for your application and document check.

  4. Submit your application »
    • Once your application has been completed and checked, you should be able to proceed to a confirmation payment stage.

      Please ensure that you have all of the supporting documents ready and in good order before submitting your application.

  5. IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) payment »
    • If, as a result of your visa application, you will be staying in the UK for 6 months or more, you will need to pay a healthcare charge, unless you are exempt.

      You will be automatically directed to a website to check your details and to pay your IHS charge as part of your online Tier 4 visa application. Please ensure that all your details are correct. You will need to pay £150 per year of your intended stay in UK. The total amount payable will be based on the full length of your visa which is usually longer than the length of your programme of study.

      You will be allocated an IHS reference number that should appear on your Document Checklist and your Tier 4 application form.

  6. Tier 4 application submission and payment »
    • Premium service

      If you choose to submit your original documents in person, you will need to click on ‘Premium Service’. After that you will be directed to the page asking you to choose suitable dates, times and locations. If no appointment is available at the location or time chosen, please go back and choose another location and/or time. You will need to pay your application fee once you choose your appointment. the UKVI will send you an appointment confirmation email. It is possible to change your appointment (please follow the online instructions).

      You must attend your appointment to complete your visa application process. If you do not attend, the UKVI will keep £100 of the application fee and will reject your visa application.

      Please remember to print your confirmation of your appointment email and take it, along with your Document Checklist, completed Tier 4 application form and your original documents to your appointment.

      If no appointment is available, please go back and select the Priority or Standard Service.


    • Standard postal service

      If you decide to submit your original documents to the UKVI by post and are happy to wait for up to 8 weeks for the UKVI to process your application, please choose STANDARD SERVICE option to pay your application fee online. You will receive confirmation of payment once you paid your fee online. A Document Checklist and your Tier 4 application form will also be generated. Please save these documents on your computer or memory stick. Please print your Tier 4 Document Checklist and send to the UKVI with all of the original documents listed on your checklist.

      Please keep copies of all of the documents as evidence of what you have sent.

      You must send all of the original supporting documents to the UKVI address (found on your Tier 4 Document checklist). Please send your documents by Special Delivery as soon as possible and within 15 days of submitting your application online. Keep the Special Delivery receipt safe as proof of when you sent your documents.

      This service is cheaper than Premium or Priority Postal service, but it will take longer for the UKVI to process your visa application.


    • Priority postal service

      If you choose to submit your documents by post, but would like the UKVI to process your application within 10 days, you must follow the UKVI online instructions to check whether this service is available. If so, you will need to send your original documents to the UKVI by Special Delivery within 2 days  of submitting your online visa application.  Please remember to keep copies of all your documents before sending these. When you receive your Biometrics letter, you must enrol your biometric details within 2 days of receiving it.

      This service is slightly cheaper than a Premium Service, but more expensive than a Standard service.

      Please note: the UKVI may take longer to process your application if the UKVI needs to make further checks, you fail to submit your documents and enrol your biometric details within 2 days and/or if you do not provide required documents with your application. In this case the UKVI may also retain your priority fee.

  7. Enrol your biometrics details »
    • If you submit your application documents in person using the Premium Service, your biometric details will be enrolled during your appointment.

      If you submit your application using the Priority or Standard Service you should receive a biometrics letter after you sent your documents to the UKVI. Please follow the instructions in the letter and enrol your biometric details as soon as possible and within the allowed time (as per the UKVI letter). This can be done at participating Post Offices.

  8. New visa received »
    • When you receive your new visa (BRP card), please check it to ensure that all of the details are correct. If there are any errors, please contact the Immigration Team immediately for further assistance.

      Please take your new BRP card to the AskHU Desk, 2nd floor, Student Central for it to be scanned.

      If you are required to register with the police, please contact the AskHU Desk for information on how to obtain or update your Police Registration Certificate.

Outside UK

Applying from outside the UK

It is a good idea to start checking which visa application to complete and what documents to prepare when you decide to study in the UK. Although immigration rules, application forms and fees tend to change, this should give you an idea of what you may need and allow you enough time to plan your visa application and to clarify any doubts that may arise.

  1. Accept your offer and confirm your email address »
    • Once you receive an offer letter from the University of Hull, you will need to confirm your acceptance of the offer with the Admissions Service. The details that you provide will then be used to generate your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) statement that you need for your visa application. Please ensure that the email address (your own or your Agent’s) that you provide us with is accurate.

  2. Meet all the listed conditions »
    • Before the University of Hull can issue you with a CAS number, you must meet all of the conditions of your offer. This may include payment of a deposit on your tuition fees and/or a clearance certificate from the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS). Your CAS statement is generated only after all conditions of your offer are met and not until 4 months before your course start date. Your CAS will only be valid for study at the University of Hull and for a single visa application. It is issued no more than four months before the course start date and expires six months after the date of issue.

    • If you need more time to complete your current programme of study, University of Hull will issue you a new CAS if you continue to meet relevant academic and immigration requirements.

  3. Prepare supporting documents »
    • Take extra time and care to ensure that your documents meet the UKVI current visa requirements.

      Extra care at this stage can avoid unnecessary mistakes that lead to refusal (you may not have enough time to make another visa application).

  4. Tuberculosis (TB) screening »
    • Nationals from certain countries applying to come to the UK for more than 6 months are required to have a certificate showing they are free from tuberculosis (TB).

  5. Complete and check your online application »
    • When you make your application from the outside of the UK, you need to register for and complete an online application (unless you are applying from North Korea).

      You will need to select a type of Tier 4 application in accordance with the following:

      Tier 4 (General) Student: if you intend to fund your study yourself (privately or student loan funded).

      Tier 4 (General) (Sponsored) Student: if your studies in the UK will be funded by an "official financial sponsor", which includes University of Hull or your home University scholarships/bursaries, the UK government, your home government (not including student loans), the British Council or any international organisation or international company that meets the UKVI sponsorship requirements.

      Tier 4 (Scholarship) Student: only if you obtained a Chevening Scholarship/Fellowship, a British Marshall Scholarship, a Fulbright Scholarship or a Commonwealth Scholarship.

      Ensure that all the information on your completed visa application form matches that on any supporting documents and explain any discrepancies.

      Please make sure that you have all supporting documents ready and in good order before completing and submitting your Tier 4 online visa application.

  6. Submit the application »
    • Submit your completed visa application and all of your original supporting documents.

  7. Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) »
    • If you intend to come to the UK for more than 6 months, you will need to pay this as part of your Tier 4 visa application. The amount payable depends on the length of your visa and not the length of your programme. IHS is £150 per year and is payable even if you have a private medical insurance. 

  8. Credibility interview »
    • Please note that you may be interviewed by the UKVI as part of your Tier 4 visa application or upon your arrival to the UK. The purpose of the interview is to check whether you are a genuine student and have an adequate level of English.

      You may be asked questions about how and why you chose the University of Hull and your programme of study; provide financial evidence; comment on your education/employment history, future plans, and other relevant topics.

      If the Home Office decides to interview you as part of your visa application, they may telephone you or send you an email asking you to attend your interview. Please ensure that you check your emails on a regular basis (inbox and junk or spam folders). You could be interviewed in person, by Skype or by telephone.

      It is important to answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge as you may be refused a visa or entry to the UK if the Immigration Officer finds that you are not a genuine student or your English is not good enough. If this happens, please contact our Immigration Team with details of your interview as soon as possible.


Documents in support of Tier 4 General visa application

It is important to take extra time and care to ensure that your supporting documents meet relevant visa requirements. For detailed and up-to-date information about the documents required for your Tier 4 (General) visa application, please visit this link.

Extra care at this stage can avoid unnecessary mistakes that lead to refusal (you may not have enough time to make another visa application). If your visa application is refused, you may not be able to travel to the UK and/or start your programme of study.

  1. Original passport »
    • You must have an original passport that is valid at the time of your application. If you still have other passport/s that you used to travel to/from the UK, please submit these with your visa application.

  2. Original BRP (visa) card »
    • If you have been issued a BRP card you will need to provide the original with your application.

  3. Original Police Registration Certificate»
    • If you have a Police Registration Certificate, make sure that it is up-to-date with details of your current address and your current visa.

  4. Passport size photo »
  5. Pay tuition fee deposit (if required)»
    • All international students undertaking a taught/research Masters or a PhD must pay a deposit of £2000 against their tuition fee. The Tier 4 CAS will only be issued once the required deposit amount has been received. It may take 5 working days for your deposit payment to be processed depending on the time of year. If your studies are funded by a University approved financial sponsor, the deposit requirement will be waived upon receipt of the appropriate financial guarantee evidence.

      Apart from the required tuition deposit, paying tuition fees to the University in advance is not a requirement of the visa process. If you choose to pay any additional fees to the University in advance, please ensure that your payment is reflected in your CAS statement.

  6. ATAS certificate (only if your offer letter and CAS states that you need one)»
    • Generally, ATAS applications are processed within a month and are valid for six months. However, this process may take longer during the busy periods, and there is no premium/fast track processing option. It is therefore important to allow plenty of time to obtain the certificate since your CAS will not be generated until the ATAS clearance is received.

      An ATAS application includes a statement outlining your area of research/study. This statement must be the same as agreed with your supervisor and held on file at the University of Hull. Please apply for your ATAS as soon as you receive your conditional offer (new students) or as soon as you apply for your academic extension (continuing students).

  7. New CAS number »
    • New programme - If you are starting a new programme, your new CAS will be emailed to you by our Admissions Service once you accept your offer and meet all of the conditions of your programme. Please make sure that you provide your up to date email address when you apply for your programme.

      Existing programme - If you need a new CAS to finish your existing programme, please request your new CAS from the Visa Compliance Team (, 2nd floor Student Central . You will need to pay a Tier 4  administrative fee before your CAS is issued. Please follow this link to request a new CAS.

  8. Check your CAS statement »
    • Please check your CAS email as soon as you receive it from the Admissions Service or from the Visa Compliance Team. Please ensure that all of the information on your CAS is correct, including personal, fees and course details. If you have been awarded a fee scholarship by the University of Hull or if you paid some or all of your tuition fees, and this information is incorrect or does not appear on your CAS, please contact the team that issued you with a CAS number.

      Please note that any errors will normally be rectified by adding a note to your CAS record. This means that a new CAS will not be issued. Instead, you will receive an email confirming the corrections that have been made.

  9. Original up-to-date sponsor letter »
    • If you are a government sponsored student, please provide an up-to-date letter with details of your sponsor, study programme and sponsorship.

  10. Original bank statements or electronic bank statements (printed and stamped by your bank) »
    • Your bank statement must show that you have enough money to pay your outstanding course fees (as listed on your CAS) and a minimum of £9135 (£1015 x 9 months) living expenses (or at least £1015 per each month of your course if it is shorter than 9 months).

      The funds must have been in your bank account for at least 28 consecutive (calendar) days ending with the date of the closing balance. The bank statement itself cannot be older than one month on the date of your visa application. If you are not sure whether you have enough money or how to calculate the amount, please contact our team as soon as possible.

      It is advisable to have more than a minimum amount of funds and to keep it for more than 28 calendar days just in case any mistakes are made in calculating the correct amount and period of time.

      You can rely on your parents’ bank statements, but will need to provide more documents in support of your visa application, such as original birth certificate, official translation if not in English, original letter from your parents confirming that you are their child and that you have their permission to use their funds, etc. Please contact our team for more information if you intend to use your parents’ bank statements.

  11. Original qualifications »
    • Please check your new CAS, section ‘Evidence provided’ for a list of qualifications that you must submit with your visa application.

      IMPORTANT! If your offer and/or CAS states that you are exempted from the  English language requirement on basis of a qualification from the majority English speaking country, you will also need to obtain a NARIC Statement of Comparability for your qualification and submit it in support of your Tier 4 visa application together with your original qualification and all other relevant documents.

  12. Any other documents that you think may be relevant »
    • If you are not sure whether you need to provide any other documents, please contact us as soon as possible.

  13. Translation of original documents »
    • If you need to translate your qualifications or any other documents in the UK, you can find local translation agencies using one of the internet search engines or a local directory such as the Yellow Pages. It is advisable to contact a few agencies to compare costs and the length of time it will take agencies to translate your documents before deciding on one. A certified translation must be dated and include details of the translator/translation agency (name and contact details), their signature and confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original documents.

  14. Application and document check »
    • If you are making your Tier 4 visa application in the UK and would like your application form and documents to be checked, please email once you have prepared your application and all of the documents. Please remember to quote your name and student number and allow us at least a few days to offer an appointment

      If you are making your visa application outside of the UK, please email if you have any questions about your application or documents.

Refused visa

What to do if my visa application is refused?

Visa application refused

Prospective students

If you are planning to start a new programme, you must also notify our Admissions Team at and our Visa Compliance Team at Depending on your reasons for refusal the Admissions Team may request further information and documents to assess whether or not they can issue you with a new CAS number.

Continuing students

If you are a continuing student, you must also notify our Visa Compliance Team. They may request further information and documents before they could issue you with a new CAS number.

Visa application rejected as invalid

If you do not pay your IHS charge or forget to provide your passport and photographs with your visa application, it could be rejected as invalid.

Whether your application has been refused or rejected, it is important that you contact us immediately for further assistance.

Please click on the relevant button below for more information.

What to do if my visa is rejected?What to do if my visa is refused?


Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES)

Tier 4 DES is a 12 months visa category that will provide you with the opportunity to gain some work experience on completion of your PhD, to find a suitable job and to eventually change into another work permit category or to set up as an entrepreneur.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a Tier 4 DES Visa if you:

  • Are currently in the UK and have a Tier 4 General visa;
  • Are in the process of completing your PhD programme with us;
  • Have a Tier 4 DES CAS issued by our Visa Compliance Team;
  • Applying within 60 days before your PhD award date (formal confirmation of your final results following your viva and a correction period, not your graduation date);
  • Have ATAS to cover you up to the end of your PhD (if relevant);
  • Meet the UKVI financial and other requirements.

How to apply?

In order to make your Tier 4 DES application, please take the following steps:

  • Read through the latest Tier 4 policy and start preparing relevant documents.
  • Discuss your completion date with the Graduate School, preferably before your viva.
  • Request a Tier 4 DES CAS form from the Graduate School and complete it as necessary once your expected completion date has been agreed.
  • Arrange to see Immigration and Careers Advisers as part of your CAS request.
  • Pay Tier 4 DES CAS administration fee via our online shop.
  • Submit your completed CAS request form to AskHU team.
  • Obtain a Tier 4 DES CAS, prepare all of the documents and make a visa application within 60 days before your PhD award date and before your current visa expires. Please note that you must make your visa application in the UK.
  • Check Apply inside the UK for further information as Tier 4 DES is part of Tier 4 visa.
  • Your dependants can apply to join you or to continue staying with you in the UK.

Conditions of leave

  • If your visa application is successful, you will be granted a visa that will expire exactly 12 months after your PhD award date.
  • You must bring your Tier 4 DES visa to AskHU team to be scanned once you received it.
  • You must keep the University informed of any changes to your personal details (eg: passport, contact details, etc), if you change your Tier 4 DES visa to another category (e.g Settlement, Tier 2, etc.), or decide to leave the UK.
  • Our Visa Compliance Team is required to contact you few times during your period of stay and it is important that you check your emails on a regular basis and respond promptly.
  • You must also keep your Police Registration Certificate updated with details of your new visa, passport and any new addresses (if you have one).

Further information

Please contact the Immigration Team and check the UKVI and UKCISA websites for further information.

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