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About LLI

Library and Learning Innovation is at the heart of the success of the University.

We provide access to extensive print and digital library collections. These include over one million printed items contained in our libraries on the Hull and Scarborough campuses, and access to over 40,000 electronic journals, books, data sets and other collections of electronic texts. 

Our archival collections, based at the Hull History Centre, provide rich sources for research in areas such as local and regional history, modern politics, labour history, human rights, and modern literature. 

We provide a focus within the University for the development of e-learning, notably through the provision of our institutional online learning environment, eBridge. 

Our commitment to enabling students and staff to develop the skills needed to make the most of the resources and tools available to them extends to a wide range of support, guidance and training in areas such as information literacy, study skills and IT skills.

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