Library and Learning Innovation

Our values

In pursuing our purpose and vision we embrace these values and are committed to demonstrating them in our work:

Creativity and innovation

  • Seek improvement
  • Reflect on what we do
  • Value and implement new ideas
  • Be willing to take risks and learn from failure
  • Be brave


  • Listen to what other people say
  • Recognise the contributions of others
  • Understand others' points of view
  • Be courteous
  • See the person in the role


  • Take responsibility for our actions and for their consequences
  • Challenge behaviour that contradicts our values
  • Treat everyone fairly


  • Be friendly, helpful and approachable
  • Communicate honestly and clearly
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Be open-minded and objective


  • Demonstrate a consistent and well organised approach
  • Show commitment to what we do
  • Take pride in our work
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