Library and Learning Innovation

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

To be at the heart of the success of the University.

Our Mission

The purpose of Library and Learning Innovation is to support, improve and transform the teaching, learning and research environment of the University of Hull. 

Our sphere of activity is broad.  We are concerned with the development of library and archival collections in print and digital forms, with the university’s own digital content, especially its research output, and with making all this material available as easily, as pervasively and as efficiently as possible. We help people to appreciate and make the best use of online tools in research and learning, and we aim to provide a coherent and accessible electronic learning environment.   We are also interested in physical learning spaces, and particularly in the transformation of the library as a learning space.

We encourage and enable academic staff to develop new skills and competencies which will allow them to be more creative teachers and researchers.  We help students to develop the skills needed to be successful learners at university and to make an impact wherever they find themselves after university, capable of using technology and information intelligently and innovatively.  We contribute to the enhancement of channels of communication between the university and the student body.

Library and learning are for us aspects of a continuum rather than distinct areas of activity.  They are not two activities linked simply for reasons of organisational convenience through a library provider on the one hand and a learning support organisation on the other.  Library and learning are deeply connected in our thinking, and both are imbued by our spirit of innovation.

In pursuing our purpose, we are supportive, reliable, inquiring, experimental, encouraging and inspiring.  We work within a university which actively seeks innovation, and which recognises the right of everyone to be curious, challenging and creative.  We give our colleagues the space and support to fulfill their potential.

The senior managers of the university regard LLI as an important source of new thinking, and the academic community as a whole perceives us as natural partners in its endeavours. We work closely with our students, whom we regard as partners rather than consumers, yet partners with a right to an outstanding experience as users of our services. We work through partnerships; with the staff and students of the University, with the local community and its institutions, and with organisations which share our purposes regionally, nationally and internationally.  

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