Library Services

Access to books and other sources of information

Find out what is available in the Library wherever you are

The online Library Catalogue lists everything that is available in the Library or is accessible online. Use a Library Information Point, any computer anywhere, or even your phone to check.

Borrow items from other libraries

We are able to borrow items from other libraries if we do not have them in our own stock. Request forms are available online. There may be a charge.

Items located at the Keith Donaldson Library on the Scarborough campus are available though our intersite transfer service.

Borrow books and other items from the Library

Whilst most of the items in the Library are available for you to borrow,  some items are for use in the building only. Details of how many items you can borrow and how long you can keep them for are available on the website.

Reserve books and other items

If the item you want to use is out on loan you can make a request to reserve it from the Library catalogue. You will be emailed when it is ready to collect. You can also check what you have reserved, see when your loans are due back and renew them from here.

Suggest new material for the Library to purchase

Students can suggest an item for the Library to buy by completing our online form

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