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Access to past exam papers

Past exam papers are accessible through the Hydra digital repository.  To get access you need to log in to the repository.  Two options are available:

  • Go to, click on Sign in in the top bar and enter your campus username and login (the same as for Canvas or the portal).  This will then offer you the search box.  A link to Examination papers under Collections will also take you to the log in screen, and then to a full list of exam papers (from where you can browse (see below).


To find exam papers once logged in, you can:

  • Search
    • Search for a module number to retrieve all exam papers for a module.
    • Search for an exam title.  The search may also retrieve other items if the search terms match.
  • Browse
    • Click on the link within Collections for Examination papers OR click on link within Browse for Resource type and select Examination papers from the list.
    • Use the facets on the left-hand side to select a topic to display exam papers in your subject area(s).

Please note that some modules now have new names and numbers as a result of the University’s refresh of its curriculum.  If you cannot find relevant past papers, please ask for details of previous module names and numbers within your School or Subject Group and search for these.  If you are still unable to find past papers, please enquire about alternative access through your Subject Group.


A combination of search and browse can be used.  For example, browse to find all exam papers in a subject area and then search for a module number to find specific papers.

If you cannot find the past exam papers you need, please enquire in your Department.  The Library will add additional papers to the collection as they are received.

Some Departments have established links to exam papers from within Canvas.  Please follow guidance from your lecturer(s)/tutor on how to access exam papers for a particular subject area.

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