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Information for students with disabilities

The Library provides a range of services to assist staff and students with disabilities, and if you have registered a disability with the University's Disability Service we are happy to provide individual assistance. Wherever it is helpful and practicable, we are ready to vary standard conditions for the use of Library facilities.

All students registered with Disability Services are entitled to additional support from the Library, including:

  • 24-hour book collection service - If you cannot readily visit the campuses you may send us a list of items you need by completing this form. Please do this 24 hours prior to collection. 
  • access to a range of adaptive/assistive technologies housed in the Libraries
  • our information points now have a zoom feature which can be accessed by holding down Ctrl +/- on the keyboard
  • 24 hour loan periods are extended to 48 hours.
  • 8 week loan periods are extended to 9 weeks.

The Brynmor Jones Library

The entrance to the BJL has a slope leading to the entrance doors.  Inside the main doors there are three entry barriers.  The middle barrier is for wheelchair use.

In the Library you will find:

  • Lifts fitted with sensors which detect anything in the way of the closing doors
  • Lifts have an audible alarm in the case of emergency
  • Emergency phones on all floors, connected directly to the Welcome Desk 
  • Hearing loop systems at the Welcome Desk 
  • Height adjustable desks
  • Colour coded signs and floor plans
  • Disabled toilets
  • Low level catalogue terminal desks
  • A CCTV unit on the ground floor

In the event of a building evacuation, if possible Library staff will help wheelchair users onto the fire-proof staircases, and will then alert the Library Safety Officer and emergency services of the need for further assistance. Staff at the Welcome Desk will be happy to note where you are planning to work if you provide this information on entering the building.

The Keith Donaldson Library

Full details can be found at

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