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Associate Membership

People who do not belong to the University may apply to become an Associate Member. Membership entitles you to use both the Brynmor Jones Library on the Hull campus and the Keith Donaldson Library on the Scarborough campus.  Membership is renewable annually. Membership is open to the following groups and individuals:

  • If you are a qualified teacher working in Kingston upon Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Scarborough and the surrounding area, or a member of the administrative staff of the local education authorities of those areas, or an Inspector of Schools based in those areas, then you are entitled to free Associate Membership. You may use the Library for both reference purposes and borrowing.  Apply online now
  • If you are employed by a regional NHS trust which has Corporate Membership of the Library, you are entitled to free individual Associate Membership for both reference and borrowing purposes. Apply online now
  • If you are a graduate1 of the University of Hull, you are entitled to free Associate Membership for reference purposes only. If you want to borrow from the Library, an annual fee of £50 is payable. Apply online now
  • Other individuals who can demonstrate a clear need to use specific resources not readily available elsewhere may apply to the Librarian for Associate Membership.2 This is free for reference purposes. An annual fee of £75 is payable if you want to borrow from the Library. Apply online now 

Your membership card

If your application is accepted, you will be issued with an Associate Members card. This card is very important. You need it to enter and exit the Library and you need it to borrow books from the Library. You may be refused entry and will not be able to borrow books without it. The Library reserves the right to charge for replacement cards. You must never allow your card to be used by anyone else, either to gain entry to the Library or to borrow books.

NB: Please note that proof of name and address are required when collecting your Associate Membership card and also for any subsequent renewals. All new cards will take 24 hours to activate.


Associate members who have borrowing rights may borrow up to 10 books or other items at any one time.  The items must be returned by the due dates specified when the items are borrowed or renewed, or by the date specified if an item is recalled.  Fines are charged on all overdue items.

Further information on loan periods>>
Further information on fine rates>>

Services to associate members

Associate Members are entitled to use all the facilities of the Library.  However, they do not have off campus access to the University's electronic resources because this is not allowed under the terms of our licenses for these resources. Associate Members may access the majority of these resources whilst on campus.

Library regulations

All Associate Members agree to abide by Library Regulations when they join the Library. Library Regulations are displayed in the Library, and are available online.

1. Graduates of the University of Hull include Certificate and Diploma holders at pre-degree and postgraduate levels. Holders of the University-validated awards for the completion of programmes of study undertaken at partner colleges are not entitled to Associate Membership under this definition.

2. This does not include college students studying for degrees or other awards which are validated or franchised by universities other than the University of Hull. Students studying for degrees or other awards at other universities may be eligible to use the Library under a variety of national schemes, details are available on request.

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