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‘Going for gold’ in the fight against HIV

27 September 2012

University of Hull research into how HIV infection could be prevented is the first to be published under a new scheme to make academic work open to all.

Steve Archibald and Tim PriorThe research paper by Dr Steve Archibald et al, published recently in Dalton Transactions, is now freely available online as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) ‘Gold for Gold’ scheme.

< Steve Archibald and
   Tim Prior

Gold for Gold rewards UK subscribers to the RSC Gold Package with a number of free credits to publish their work via RSC’s open access option. This means that the RSC will pay the fee for the work to be published, rather than academics or their universities.

Dr Tim Prior, Chair of the Chemistry Research Committee at Hull put forward the paper for the RSC scheme. He said: “We are delighted to be the first to publish our work under Gold for Gold. This paper potentially has real applications around the world and it is wonderful that people anywhere will now be able to read it online for free.”

The research paper examines how to block communication between cells by inhibiting chemokine receptors, which are natural proteins in the human body that form part of the cell’s signalling process and are linked to viral infection and other diseases. In the Hull study, scientists developed and tested nickel-containing compounds that block receptor communication and inhibit HIV infection.

Dr Archibald said: “This research shows the role that metal containing compounds can have in medicinal chemistry. There is a need for new, more powerful drugs to treat diseases and we have demonstrated an extremely high potency in blocking both a receptor signalling process and infection by HIV. I hope this work will inspire other researchers to test a wider variety of compounds against protein targets in drug discovery.”

Dr James Milne, Managing Director for RSC Publishing, said: “We are delighted to have published this timely and impactful paper as the first ‘Gold for Gold’ article. The initiative has been received very warmly by librarians and researchers alike, and aims to support the chemical science community during the transition to Gold Open Access publishing, as sought by the Research Councils”.

Read the paper entitled ‘CXCR4 chemokine receptor antagonists: nickel(II) complexes of configurationally restricted macrocycles’ for free.

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