5 November 2012

Middleton Hall, Hull Campus, 18.00

Overdue and overspent – why do our projects go so badly wrong?

Event presented by Professor Terry Williams, Professor of Management Science and Dean of Hull University Business School.

This lecture will look at why many of our major projects can go so drastically wrong. By modelling those projects and getting a better understanding of how they behave, we’ll look at some implications not only for how we manage projects, but also what ‘complexity’ is, how we think about risk, and the place of some philosophical ideas in business studies.

Terry Williams has 35 years experience in Management Science. After degrees at Oxford and Birmingham, and a few years lecturing, he spent 9 years building up a successful practice (and a small team) in Management Science in engineering consultancy YARD; this started in logistics but later specialised in Project-Risk Management (PRM) of major projects, including acting as Risk Manager for some major defence projects. He then spent 13 years in the Management Science Department of Strathclyde University, latterly as Professor and Head of Department. A team was developed to support major postproject litigation claims, which supported major post-project claims, particularly Delay and Disruption, totalling over $1.5billion in Europe and North America. On his 2005 marriage he moved to the University of Southampton, later becoming Head of the School of Management there. In 2011 he became Dean of the Hull University Business School.

His research and consultancy continues in project behaviour, and particularly in post-project claims. He has become a thought-leader in the worldwide Project Management research community, particularly playing a role in the US-based Project Management Institute. He maintains his discipline as a Management Scientist – as well as project modelling His research has covered modelling many uncertain systems, fromthe economics of the UK renewable energy market to battles to production systems – and for 10 years he was joint editor of the Journal of the Operational Research Society. He is the author of around 70 peer-reviewed papers and a considerable number of monographs and books.

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