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University of Hull Science Festival wows thousands

7 April 2017

Thousands of visitors to the University’s annual Science Festival had the chance to take part in activities including getting behind the wheel of a racing car, extracting DNA from a strawberry and seeing the destructive power of flash floods with the latest 3-D technology.

University of Hull Science Festival

From the workings of the human body, to the latest nano-technology used in scientific research, the University of Hull Science Festival had it all.

A host of shows, workshops, lectures and debates took place across the campus, entertaining and educating visitors about the amazing world of science.

The festival was split into two zones, The Discovery Zone, which brought together a host of family-friendly activities, and The Exploration Zone, a programme of shows, workshops, lectures and debates.

Highlights included an appearance by the BBC1 Show’s resident scientist Dr Marty Jopson and shows from the Science Museum. Renowned astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell also took place, talking about the discovery of pulsars. 

In the Discovery Zone visitors were able to extract DNA from a strawberry, become crime scene investigators by analysing fingerprints and footprints, and experience a range of mind-bending, interactive, auditory and touch-based illusions that reveal the hidden secrets of how our brains work, among a host of other activities.

The Discovery Zone offered the chance to quiz some of the University’s brightest minds in our Meet the Scientist area as well as get hands on with activities in our Maker Area.

Workshops included designing and building flood defences using computer modelling, the chance to design, build and test hydrogen-fuelled Lego cars and assemble a model rocket and learn about its journey from lift-off to spacecraft separation.

There were also workshops in electronics, robotics and the chance to use solar telescopes to look at the Earth’s nearest star.

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