Part-time study

Study what you want, when you want

Part-time students

Complete one of our undergraduate degree courses over an extended period, add to your existing skills set or perhaps learn a new language.

Choose from an option below...

  1. Degree courses offered over an extended period» 
    • Many of our existing degree courses are available in part-time formats which means that they are completed over a longer period of time than their full-time equivalents (usually twice as long). These are available on campus... [learn more]
  2. Stand-alone part-time courses » 
    • The University offers a variety of interesting pathways for students who wish to study part-time while working. These are available on campus... [learn more]
  3. Languages for All (Passport Courses) » 
    • The Department of Modern Languages runs a range of foreign language courses at various levels. These Passport Courses are available to registered University students and to those in the local community who have already taken a language course with us in the past. Classes are usually held during the day or early evening.
    • Our language learning facilities are open to all students studying any of the courses offered at the University.
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