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Part-time students

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Part-time degree programmes

Many of our degree programmes are available in part-time formats which means that they are completed over a longer period of time than their full-time equivalents (usually twice as long). These programmes are available on campus.

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Dedicated part-time undergraduate courses

The University has on offer a variety of interesting pathways for students who wish to study part-time while working. These programmes are available on campus.

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Languages for All (Passport Courses) - Institution-wide Language Programme

The Department of Modern Languages runs a range of foreign language courses at various levels. These 'Passport Courses' are available to registered students of the University and the public and local community. Classes are usually held during the daytime or early evening.

Our language learning facilities are open to all students studying any of the courses offered at the University.

Language Learning Facilities
The Language Learning Centre and teaching rooms in the Ferens Building provide a focus for language self-study and language services on the campus, promoting languages for non-specialists as well as supporting and enhancing the work of language specialists.

The Centre is open to all staff and students but also offers access to members of the local community through a membership scheme.

While the first floor houses the newly refurbished Language Learning Centre (LLC), the second and third floors have teaching rooms with specialised equipment for language learning.

The Centre hosts the expertise of trained language learning advisers whose role is to support students through their independent study. The availability of a team of language learning advisers is a unique feature which makes our Centre renowned nationally and internationally for its expertise in language advising and independent learning.

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