Research and innovation

As an anchor institution the University strives to ensure that its local and regional communities benefit by its presence and local interaction, just as the University benefits by its geographical location and engagement with its communities.

To achieve this aim, the 'Connected communities' research theme focuses on finding practical and valuable solutions to some of today's most pressing concerns and issues affecting our local communities. It does this by highlighting new opportunities for study and research that will deliver tangible social and economic benefits, and, crucially, improve the quality of life, prosperity and social development of as many people as possible.

The Connected communities theme has three core organising principles: (1) a problem-based approach to interventions, (2) promoting interdisciplinary working to connect research, expertise, knowledge, and understanding from across the research base, and (3) engaging with communities and stakeholders at all stages of research.

In partnership with its many internal and external stakeholders, the University is currently working on two major projects that will have a positive impact on communities across the region. The first is an interdisciplinary programme of care for the elderly, with a focus on Alzheimer's, while the second is a multi-agency initiative that aims to bring to together in a single, accessible hub the vast amounts of data generated by local organisations (the Hull big data Hub)

Recent research related to this theme includes:

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