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Predicting coastal flooding

Predictions on the threat of coastal flooding are leaving out a vital ingredient - goo!...[read more]

Carbon capture and storage

Hull is making a valuable contribution to developments in the capture and storage of CO2....[read more]

Winds of change

Hull is playing a pivotal role in the region's goal to be a world leader in wind power...[read more]

We live in a rapidly changing world. Energy, environment and sustainability are major global themes encompassing issues that are vital for business, communities and governments worldwide.

Within the context of human-induced climate change, we urgently need to better understand this change and the consequences and the adaptations needed to mitigate the likely impacts. These adaptations relate to, and encompass, the pressing need to ensure security in the supply of food, water, and clean, low-carbon, energy into the future.

Sustainable solutions can only be reached if they are economically feasible, socially desirable and politically viable. Finding and implementing these solutions requires a fully integrated and multidisciplinary approach that encompasses areas of physical science, engineering, economics, social, legal and policy.

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