Research and innovation

We live in an ethically complex world. Many espouse the ideal of a fairer society – but what constitutes social justice and how to obtain it are questions at the core of contemporary public, political and professional conversation.

Researchers at the University of Hull are seeking to inform such conversations by undertaking research designed to advance knowledge and improve understanding of fundamental issues of ethics and social justice.

Novel ethical challenges have arisen as a result of developments such as the human population explosion; climate change; rapidly advancing technologies of communication, genetic engineering and surveillance; the global financial crisis; the changing nature of war; and international migration.

The differentiated ethics of diverse social roles and responsibilities – in personal and family life, the professions, business, and politics – are intensely debated. Likewise, the meaning and importance of social justice are today matters of passionate public discussion and dispute.

At Hull, philosophers, social scientists, legal scholars, historians, criminologists, medical scientists, educational theorists, business and management researchers and others are collaborating to meet the significant research challenges in this field.

Key projects include:

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