Scarborough Campus

The School of Arts and New Media

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Find out more about the school, courses we offer, our staff and research interests within the schools.

The School of Arts and New Media (SANM), based at the Scarborough Campus, encourages students to explore and contribute to the future of music, theatre, performance, English, computing and digital media through a range of undergraduate opportunities in:

We also provide opportunities for postgraduate study.

The majority of courses from the School of Arts and New Media are now recruiting on the Hull Campus as part of the School of Drama, Music and Screen and Department of English. Digital Media will have its first entry in Hull commencing September 2015.

The school's programmes are designed to respond to contemporary art and media in the world today. Studying in SANM offers artistic and intellectual skills and experience that will enable you to work in both the traditional arts and new media industries. Together, staff and students continue to explore what it means to be a musician, a composer, a performance artist, a web designer, a games developer, a digital arts maker, a theatre practitioner, an actor, a dancer or a writer.

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