Coastal Marine Biology

(CD1K BSc/CMB4): 4 Year Course with year 1 taught on Hull campus

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came."
- John F. Kennedy

Marine Biologists are faced with the challenge of studying a vast and varied habitat, about which we know comparatively little. To do this they need to have both practical skills and a broad based knowledge. At the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences we develop both in our students through regular field work and a variety of teaching styles. When you graduate, we want you and your CV to stand out from the crowd!

Students on BoatThe coastal seas consist of less than 20% of the Earth's surface, yet around 60% of the human race lives in association with it and up to 90% of fish caught are taken from this region. The coastal zone and the interface between the sea and land, the inter-tidal zone, are some of the most complex and fascinating ecosystems on earth.

At the Centre we deliver a Coastal Marine Biology programme that trains our graduates to be practicing marine biologists. As well as spending up to 40% of their time in the lab and field, learning by exploring marine topics for themselves, we also time-table sessions for students that wish to learn to dive. From 2006 dive training will be an (optional) assessed component of the 1st year for CEMS students. In addition, those that qualify to rescue-diver standard will be offered the opportunity to train as professional Dive-master.

Modules offered on this programme cover a variety of topics including the diversity of life, tropical ecology, oceanography, fish and fisheries and aquatic zoology. In your final year you will find that one of the field trips offered will involve spending a lot of time in the water where you will get really close to a variety of marine plants and animals.

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Title: Coastal Marine Biology
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