Dr Magnus Johnson

Dr Magnus Johnson

Lecturer in Environmental Marine Biology & Dive Instructor

Reachout Coordinator

Magnus grew up in the Shetland Islands and comes from a family with a history of whaling, fishing and crofting. After graduating from the University of Plymouth he went on to read for an M.Sc. in Marine and Fisheries Science at Aberdeen University. His Ph.D. (Leicester University) was a study of the specially adapted eyes of deep-sea shrimps and involved spending 9 months at sea on British and Russian research vessels. After completing his PhD he worked as a scientific observer on board a Spanish fishing vessel in the Antarctic, directed a marine station in Jamaica, worked for the Royal Geographic Society in the Seychelles and worked as a research diver in Belize.

Most recent publication

Johnson, M (2012) High street cleaners. Biodiversity Science. Issue 5.

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