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The School of Arts and New Media

Applied & Interactive Theatre 2

Through a combined timetable of theoretical and practical investigations, this module addresses the growing field of applied and interactive theatre/performance by looking at intersections between social activism and aesthetics in the social and political contexts shared by Digital and Networked Performance, Tactical Media, Hacktivism and Live Art. Students will be introduced to work by a range of performance and media artists engaged in such practices, as well as explore their own paths and methodologies towards creating work that provokes, argues or advocates for social awareness and change. In relation to this, students will also explore a range of practical and technical skills associated with applied and interactive theatre/performance. The module follows up on knowledge and understanding as well as skills and techniques acquired in 'Applied and Interactive Theatre 1', sharing a similar ethos of work and understanding of performance as an effective tool in social intervention and awareness.

AIT Collage

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