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Gemma Sweeney

Gemma Louise Sweeney

Degree Programme: BSc Web Design and Development

What did you enjoy about your course?

I enjoyed the range of things we got to do from the graphical side, the programming side, contemporary digital media issues and technological determinism as well as psychology. A really good variety of subjects.


What did you enjoy about Scarborough Campus?

I came on the open day and because it was such a small and lovely campus it was obvious that is was going to be really friendly and it was absolutely true to expectations. The support from tutors and the rest of the staff has been absolutely fantastic and first class.

The opportunity arose to do an internship in the summer with the Creative Enterprise Laboratory. This definitely helped with my job prospects as it gave me relevant experience to talk about in my interviews and has definitely helped me get my dream job at the BBC.

What did you enjoy about Scarborough and surroundings.

It’s lovely to have the beach and it’s a good town with a good range of shops and because it’s quite small it’s quite convenient to get to anywhere in Scarborough. So all round it’s a good package really.

What are you career plans?

I’m currently an assistant content producer for the central editorial team in future media at the BBC. That involves working on the website. Currently I’m working with the search engine team but I will ultimately be working on the home page, iplayer and the other technological products that the BBC does through its online output.  It’s a great company to be at, as they have almost limitless training and loads of support. If you get the opportunity to apply there, do it.

See Gemma talking more about her course in the Digital Media Video.

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