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Dr Sally Street

Sally Street

Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Biological, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences

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I am interested in broad questions on the evolution of biological diversity. My research typically involves testing hypotheses at the macro-evolutionary scale using phylogenetic comparative statistical analyses. Currently, I am working with Dr Jorge Sanchez-Gutierrez, Dr Will Allen and Dr Isabella Capellini on a NERC funded project investigating the role of life history, ecological and anthropogenic factors in promoting invasion success in vertebrates. My PhD work at the University of St Andrews, supervised by Prof Kevin Laland and Dr Gillian Brown, concerned both the evolution of enlarged brain size and female sexual signals in primates. Additionally, I am interested in the evolution of construction behaviour and have ongoing side-projects on the evolution of nest building in birds, working with external collaborators. 

Key Publications

Navarrete, A.F., Reader, S.M., Street, S.E., Whalen, A.C.Z., Laland, K.N. (2016), The co-evolution of innovation and technical intelligence in primates, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 371: 1690

Capellini, I.; Baker, J., Allen, W.L., Street, S.E., Venditti, C. (2015), The role of life history traits in mammalian invasion success, Ecology Letters 18: 1099-1107

Street, S.E., Cross, C.P., Brown, G.R., (2016) Exaggerated sexual swellings in female non-human primates are reliable signals of female fertility and body condition, Animal Behaviour, 112: 203-212

Morgan, T.J.H., Uomini, N.T., Rendell, L.E., Chouinard-Thuly, L., Street, S.E., Lewis, H.M., Cross, C.P., Evans, C., Kearney, R., de la Torre, I., Whiten, A. & Laland, K.N., (2015) Experimental evidence for the co-evolution of hominin tool-making, teaching and language, Nature Communications, 6: 6029

Street, S. E., Laland K. N., (in press). Social learning, culture and brain evolution, in Shepherd, S. (ed.), The Handbook of Evolutionary Neuroscience, Wiley-Blackwell

Hall, Z.J., Street, S.E., Auty, S. & Healy, S.D. (2015), The co-evolution of building nests on the ground and domed nests in Timaliidae, The Auk, 132: 584-593

Brown, G.R., Cross, C.P, Street, S.E. & Brand, C.O. (2014), Comment: Beyond ‘evolutionary versus social’: moving the cycle shift debate forward, Emotion Review, 6: 250-251

Hall, Z.J., Street, S.E. & Healy, S.D. (2013), The evolution of cerebellum structure correlates with nest complexity. Biology letters 9.6 (2013): 20130687.

Brief CV

2014-present: NERC Postdoctoral Researcher, “Understanding biological invasions – a phylogenetic comparative approach.” University of Hull

2010-2014: PhD "Phylogenetic comparative investigations of sexual selection and cognitive evolution in primates", University of St Andrews

2008-2010: MSc Evolutionary Psychology, University of Liverpool

2005-2008: BA Politics and Sociology, University of Leeds

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