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Environmental Impacts of Alien Species in Aquaculture (IMPASSE)

The IMPASSE project is a CA designed to support the Community provisions concerning alien and locally absent species in aquaculture (see COM (2006) 154, 4.4.2006).

Topmouth gudgeon

Following a meeting with 40 technical experts in December 2003, DG Fisheries conducted a number of rounds of written consultations with the experts on drafts of the proposal.  The draft entitled ‘Rules governing the introduction of exotic species and on containment of stock in aquaculture’ (FISH A3/RB/2004025-A3) was used as a reference point in drawing up this proposal. This draft is referred to at several points below. IMPASSE responds directly to Task 12, priority area 8.1. B.1.3.

IMPASSE will develop: guidelines for environmentally sound practices for introductions and translocations in aquaculture, guidelines on quarantine procedures, and risk assessment protocols and procedures for assessing the potential impacts of invasive alien species in aquaculture. The project will mobilise a consortium of experts in the management of aquatic alien species, including persons who drafted the ICES and EIFAC Codes of Practice on Introductions and Transfers of Aquatic Organisms, and key contributors in complimentary EC projects.

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